So cool can skillfully be

Are you tired of the roots and grass on the roof these are the cabins for you.

So cool can skillfully be

So cool can skillfully be

The lid hangs closest to the loose air

So cool can skillfully be

Wow – check this house

So cool can skillfully be

Perfect house on minimal plot

So cool can skillfully be

Hotter saunas should look long after

There is a great development in Norwegian and Nordic cabin design.

Models with a modern, almost challenging expression give the traditional cabins strong competition for public attention.

We show you Nordic craft camps that can challenge the timber-based cabins in Norwegian cabin.

1. Careful with professional driver in the driver’s seat

Industrial designer and associate professor at NTNU Ole Petter Wullum has designed the cottage series Lysthus for Rindalshytter.

They aim to continue the Norwegian building tradition with simple, long-range building bodies that are laid loosely in the terrain.

From the distance they seem low-key, and they catch no more attention than necessary in nature. Large window panel well-dragged under the eaves gives proximity to the surroundings.

The Light House Series is available in sizes ranging from 64 sqm to 143 sqm.

Rindalshytter. no

So cool can skillfully be

KEYS IN NATURE: The smaller models in the Lysthus series also have the characteristic, long-shaped shape that allows the cabin to slide into the terrain. Photo: Rindalshytter

So cool can skillfully be

KEEPING: Here’s an example of how a modern, open cabin floor plan is built up. Here are the free zones, not as many closed rooms as we are used to. Photo: Rindalshytter

So cool can skillfully be

RENSKÅREN: The interior of the Rindalshyttene signifies that there are now major changes in traditional cabin life. Photo: Rindalshytter

2. Sliding transitions between inside and out

The architect firm Narud Stokke Wiig, known among other things for drawing the Gardermoen airport, has received great attention with the Blue Cabin Cabin for Viking Cabins in Vesterålen.

These are real-life small, modern cabins with excellent expansion possibilities. The name relies on the proud Viking king Harald Blåtann and the Viking era building art.

The idea behind the concept is to reconcile the Norwegian cabinet tradition with modern technology.

The series has models with a surface area of ​​40 square meters. The largest in the 1000 series challenges our habits with a totally open room solution.

Common to all models is that indoor and outdoor areas slide into each other. The cabins are small and well-stocked so energy consumption is low.

Vikinghytter. no

3. Hedda keeps cooking

So cool can skillfully be

MODERN CO-OPERATING CURRENCY: The Blue 1010 is short and clean-cut in shape. Photo: ILLUSTRASJON: Vikinghytter

So cool can skillfully be

WITH PROPERTIES: The Blue Cabins from NSW Architects and Viking Cabins have an untraditional shape inspired by Norwegian history. Here is the 830 model. Photo: ILLUSTRATION: Vikinghytter / NSW

So cool can skillfully be

WOW: 810 model in the Blue-Daned series from NSW Architects and Viking cabins open up with large glass surfaces against nature. Photo: ILLUSTRATION: Vikinghytter / NSW

So cool can skillfully be

FULL VIEWS: The 800 cabin from Viking Cabins has glass in the entire façade. Photo: ILLUSTRATION: Vikinghytter / NSW

This is a classic modern cabin system designed by architect Jon Haug.

It is characterized by high flexibility and can be adapted to any site. Comes in several sizes. In the course of decades two similar Hedda cabins have not been built.

Architects office Kima assists builders in each cottage project. Hedda is produced both in Hedalen, Suldal and in Skjåk.

hedda. no

4. Woody is tailoring

Woody 35 is a cabin system designed by architect Marianne Borge.

So cool can skillfully be

A MODERN CLASSIC: The Hedda cabin is an icon of Norwegian cottage architecture. Photo: Hedda Hytta

It consists of three sizes, including a model of 35 square meters.

It features seven functions, large living room with fireplace, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, loft, shower – inside or out – and biodo.

Inner walls are covered with birch veneer slabs.

woody35. no

5. An eye catcher that lights up in Leia

The Lanterne model from Hellvik Hus is a state-of-the-art model with the sensational, dynamic pricing models in the time.

The building of 64.4 square meters is space efficient and the cabin offers an open plan for the kitchen / living room, a sleeping area and a loft.

So cool can skillfully be

COMPACT: Architect Marianne Borge has designed Woody 35, a model that comes in three sizes. Photo: Ivan Brodey

Design by Hellvik House.

Hellvikhus. no

6. The wave has something for everyone

The wave model signed architect Tore Normann is characterized by broken angles and a floor plan with two main bodies – one for living and one for bedrooms.

These solutions mean that residents can find their place in the cabin, no matter what time of day.

With this pole roof, there is a good ceiling height in the house of 124 square meters.

So cool can skillfully be

A TIME SIGNAL: The Lanterne cabin from Hellvik Hus has a trendy, prismatic design. Photo: Hellvik House

norgeshus. no

7. Minihytta Single Room

The 15-square-meter mini-cabin from the Swedish Single Room comes complete – including 25 percent VAT and a crane lifting it in place for 174. 500 Swedish Kroner.

It can be delivered with a wooden surface, a front terrace that can be lifted up and become a protective shutter in front of the windows.

Design by Industrial Designer Claes Grönwall.

single room. See

So cool can skillfully be

TODELT: The wave is a fishing village from Norgeshus. It has two similarly large building bodies. Photo: Norgeshus

8. Do you love funkis?

The searchmen model from Drammen Hus & Hytter is a real, cubic feature cabin that many recognize from old movies and sixties, and even earlier.

There are both wall surfaces without roof protrusions and a tight square shape. Large windows let the daylight flood into the rooms.

Two large bedrooms and ditto kitchen are located at the back of the cottage. 50 square meters.

dhh. no

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So cool can skillfully be

KUL TREND: This stylish guest cottage is 20 sqm. Something for the garden or swab? Photo: Single room

So cool can skillfully be

LARGE CURRENT EXPERIENCES: The single room cabins, despite their limited size, offer a full-bodied holiday and leisure atmosphere. Photo: Single room

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So cool can skillfully be

AS A SVAL SUMMERBRIS: Søgne is a cabin with a shape that reminds us of old Norwegian feature films and the funkistid’s renowned style. Photo: FFOTO: Drammen Hus & Hytter.


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