So clever can the wardrobe be

The designer shared the walk-in wardrobe in a high and a low section: one for the adults and one for the small ones.

So clever can the wardrobe be

So clever can the wardrobe be

INNSYN: With steel bars there is a deep insight into the deep buyer’s trays. Photo: Espen Grønli

So clever can the wardrobe be

– I like to add some playfulness to my projects, says designer Lars Ernst Hole. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

It was a great relief for us to get a pro walk-in wardrobe, says builder Christian Dovland.

– It helps us keep track of shoes and outerwear. And the division into two departments, one for the children and one for the adults is a solution we did not find at the usual wardrobe dealers.

Kids in focus

It suited me to customize this wardrobe with an extra strong focus on the needs of the children, says designer Lars Ernst Hole.

He likes a little playfulness in his projects, and here he organized the children’s department as a comprehensive sitting, storage and hanging in oiled oak.

The shelves section on the wall is adapted to the height of the children and ditto is the case with the deep seat bench with space for two.

Generous Solutions

The kids have also got their own generous hanger for parkwear, outfits and jackets – that is, voluminous floorboards that are too big to be placed in the drawers in the chest of drawers.

It is intended for all residents of the house and has “open” drawers with steel bars in the side plus a slit on the top of the front plate.

With a quick glance, you can instantly see what each drawer contains. This is something parents with daycare children know to appreciate.


On top of all wardrobe sections there is additional stacking space and the entire system is made of solid, solid oak.

The strong center pillar for the hinges has a through hole for the steel rod. To facilitate assembly, this steel rod was divided into two.

Hole believes it is important that it is important with the raus dimensioning of such rods. When many guests dump off heavy coats or coats at the same time, you do not let the pole get swayed or cracked.

For the same reason, the designer made strong steel fittings elsewhere in the wardrobe as well.

Such features, technical details that provide power over time, are not always available in serialized systems.

Maximum utilization

– Otherwise, full use of the limited space was the goal of this project, “Hole says.

– And asking you, the best thing about the system is that it gives you full overview right away.

– It would not have worked with a standard solution here with us. Until the room is too small, the owner expands.

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So clever can the wardrobe be

ALL IN BOOK: The wall box has one room for each of the children in the house and one for shared use. Photo: Espen Grønli

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