Smart tips for affordable decor

These fun tips change your apartment for a cheap money.

Smart tips for affordable decor

Smart tips for affordable decor

Photo: Mikkel Adsbøl

Smart tips for affordable decor

Photo: Siri Møller

There are countless fun tips for low budget accommodation.

The simplest is to find cool but cheap products and furniture.

You can also renew rooms without the cost of shirt.

Click. No has written about good tips for the refurbishment of the bathroom.

A small bedroom can also be updated on a low budget.

We have collected all our best tips and tricks on how to refurbish the kitchen.

Here we show good ideas for grip in the house that does not cost a shirt.

Use raw materials

From the Prior / Mahrts Copenhagen apartment family we got the tip about using raw materials, in this case concrete blocks placed on top of each other, like shelves.

You will receive similar, open molding blocks with length 50 cm, width 20 cm and height 20 cm for kr 296 pr. stk. at multiblock. no. Each block weighs 23 kilos.

Create concrete wall

Rom123 interior designer Boris Praskac has made this concrete wall at his own. He has the following tips for you who want to do the same:

If you have a brick wall, you can mix brick and cement and cover the wall with a thin coating.

If you have lightweight, this can be too heavy for the wall. Check the construction before you get started.

Select a gray bottom color, such as NCS S 4500-N. When the wall is painted and dried, mix white and water in a bucket.

Use a cloth and wash the walls with the paint mixture. Do the same when it’s dry, but this time you mix black and water in a bucket.

To get more shields, you can use more white color in some areas.

Reuse of labels

In the family Orgeret at Bislett, the wall over the kitchen counter is decorated with labels from canned food.

Paste the labels on the wall and brush on clear coat over them, then you have a unique wall.

Use spent toys

Sigrid Bonde Tusvik showed us that the playground works great as a screenboard behind the sink in the kitchen.

You can fasten the boards right on the wall, or over tiles with glue.


Smart tips for affordable decor

Photo: Siri Møller

Porcelain figures come true and dignity again with some layers of shiny paint.

Smart tips for affordable decor

Photo: Siri Møller

A pair of vases in different styles, but in the same color, on a table, in the window sill or on a shelf, delivers any room.

Set on a wall

The family Haugerud on Mysen has had pink, green, red and patterned wall in the living room.

Now it’s black and has a sign of the veivesenet. The stools are from Ikea.

Brighten up the lamp

In lamp stores, you get colorful wires with bulb / lampshield holder. Replace white wires and get a brand new look on your lamps.

Smart tips for affordable decor

Photo: Siri Møller

Get a specialist to mount the lamp, so you’re on the safe side.

Smart tips for affordable decor

Photo: Bård Jørgensen

Lysbutikken. No sells rolls with fabric-tight wire in a wide range of sprout colors. The price is NOK 207 for a wire of 4 meters, or NOK 1575 for a roll of 25 meters. Also check your local lamp dealer.

The Danish online shop frou-frou. dk sells fabric line for NOK 63 per. meter.

Hang a panel curtain on the wall

Get into natural elements by building fun panel curtains on the wall.

This is from Ikea and costs 98 kroner.

Perhaps you have a bedside bed from a sugary, who can do the same thing?

Snap yourself

Do you have a narrow walk with a bare wall at one end, you can take advantage of the space of carving shelves that fill the entire wall.

In the middle there is an old door hiding a cabinet with DVDs.

New Arrival Lamp Shades

The Gyldenblom family from Tønsberg dressed their lampshades with gold gift certificates.

And vips, outdated lights became modern again.

Smart tips for affordable decor

Photo: Siri Møller

First aid to tiles

Smart tips for affordable decor

Photo: Siri Møller

Smart tips for affordable decor

Photo: Anders Corneliussen

Thoroughly clean the tiles with chlorine, which removes both lime and soap residues. Then wash with detergent that has a dampening effect.

Rinse well with clean water and allow to dry. Paint twice with oil-based staple.

Leave at least 8 hours between each coat. Once the last coat has dried, paint over any semi-shiny color. If you choose a light color, you should expect two to three coats.

It is advisable to wait at least three days before exposing newly painted tiles to water. Use of templates or stickers for tile liver extra.

Create magnetic wall

Magnetic paints contain metallic pigments and can be used on chipboard and plasterboard, on malleable wallpaper, fiberglass or other plain surface.

After sufficient drying time, paint it over with the wall color you want.

Plain interior painting does not damage the magnetic effect. You can buy magnet paint at painter dealers or, for example, at Panduro Hobby, where it costs £ 189 for 250 ml. It’s up to half a square meter.

Smart tips for affordable decor

Photo: Kristian Severin Skeie

If you want gold on the wall, you can use Inova Effect gold from North Sea. It is waterproof and comes in a range of 1 liter for NOK 350. Apply with short-haired roll, approx. 10 cm. The gold paint dries fast and requires you to be careful. Complete a field before moving on.

Smart tips for affordable decor

Photo: Linnea Press

Set color on the furniture

Katherine Schweder in Tønsberg created new slagters of old furniture. Here are tips for those who want to try the same: Thoroughly clean the furniture before painting them. Use either steam or salmi water.

Experiments with colors. If it’s wrong, just paint it over again. Do not be afraid to mix styles and use contrasts. Replace knobs on drawers and cabinets.

Wallpapers or templates in a contrast color inside the cabinet. Templates also provide a fun expression.

Do you like the turquoise color of the chair? Try color code NCS S 0540-B30G

Put the cupboard under the bed

Smart tips for affordable decor

Photo: Jonas Gustavsson

Are you looking for more storage space in your bedroom? Mount the bed on top of the kitchen cabinet, as Hege Klein has done in his small apartment on Sinsen.

Reasonable kitchen modules are available at Ikea or at Kvik.

Glamor on the wall

Stylist Margrethe Gilboe cut out pages from fashion magazines and attached them to the wall with double sided tape so they can easily be replaced..

Are you drowsy, you can use wallpaper stickers and paint with clear paint for a more permanent expression.

How about using Donald Duck covers in the children’s room?

Remember the mirror effect

Do you have a long and short time, a mirror can give the illusion that you have more space. A one-color color and mirror-reversed letter stickers, which are correct when you see them in the mirror, put the dot on your i.

Smart tips for affordable decor

Photo: Siri Møller

The text is cut out in mirror, white foil in the font “Spiritual mono”. The length is approx. 70 cm, price approx. NOK 300 at sign and décor manufacturers. If you want ready-made letters to stick right on the wall, try

Smart tips for affordable decor

Photo: Bjørg Hexeberg Staveli

There you can specialize words in the color, size and font you want. The mirror and fillery are from Country Chic and the leaf drink from Bolina.

Do you like the color of the wall? Color code NCS S 3060-R80B.

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