Smart solution for low windows in the kitchen

smart way to take advantage of the space

Smart solution for low windows in the kitchen

Smart solution for low windows in the kitchen

LECTURED: Ulrica Momqvist wanted to choose high-gloss fronts in a solid color and a lot of stainless steel for the kitchen, but with her husband she made a completely different version. Photo: Ester Sorri

It’s not always easy to renovate old houses.

Even if you want to modernize enough to make it comfortable to live there, they want the least to destroy the character of the house unless you can combine these two.

Old houses often have crooks and hooks that are not adapted to modern interior. Therefore, unless planning major renovation projects, it is best to utilize the space in the kitchen as smartly as possible.

The magazine Lev Landlig has visited Ulrica Momqvist and her husband Jörgen, who have done just that.

WHO: Ulrica Momqvist

BOR: City of Dalarna, Sweden

FAMILY: Man Jörgen. Together they have a child.

Should I choose completely according to my own taste, I would buy high-gloss fronts in a strong color and a lot of stainless steel, says Ulrica Momqvist.

That’s not how, though Ulrica and the man Jörgen think the kitchen is the most important room in the home. When they changed their kitchen in Tigergården in Swedish Utby in Dalarna, they quickly realized that one does not want to do with a 140-year-old home – it does not allow the house or their own conscience.

– The new kitchen is a compromise between us and the house. But we are very pleased.

It’s probably Tigergården too. The new kitchen, which was completed in the summer of 2013, has become the heart of the house. It is spacious, bright and accommodates many dinner guests.

Dull and narrow

The contrast to the old kitchen is great. It was small and impractical where it was sandwiched between two bedrooms, and on the few square meters there was not even room for a small dining table.

The room had linoleum flooring, chest panel and a sad stripper, and the decor had fronts of pine. After the couple had lived together for a couple of years, they agreed that enough was enough; the kitchen should be out!

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Smart solution for low windows in the kitchen

DELIVERY KITCHEN: Left: A spacious pantry is located in the corner. The Hanelys Stake in Smijern was designed in the early 1900s by Gustav Ankarcrona. The white boxes are from Ikea, the bread box from Ib Laursen. The middle: After Ulrica and Jörgen tore some walls, the kitchen became a total of 40 square meters. It provides room for a dining table that seats 12. Right: White, Gray and Black are easy to combine with other colors. The checked floor is lined with linoleum tiles. The countertop is made of granite. Photo: Ester Sorri

– To a large extent, we knew how the new kitchen should be. On our wish list there were good work surfaces, a lot of storage space, a wine fridge, a dishwasher at work height, a pantry we could enter and a bench with space for PC. We wanted a timeless kitchen that dressed the house.

In addition, the couple would have a spacious dining area and a separate workpiece, both of which were clearly delimited but still integrated into the room.

– And then we dreamed of an open fireplace at eye level and a wood stove. These are details you can live without but strong hygiene factors, they explain.

To fulfill the dream they decided to tear the walls of the adjoining rooms. Thus, they released space for new solutions.


Although they had clear wishes, not all the details were in place. Therefore, they contacted a kitchen designer who was on the spot even before the old kitchen was demolished. She scored goals and discussed material and color choices with the owners.

– The designer listened to our needs and based on how we would practically use the room before making a proposal. The new solution was ruled by the house construction itself, where the timber walls and windows are located, and other details we had to take into account. After a little bit of ideas, we finally realized what the new kitchen would look like.

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Smart solution for low windows in the kitchen

COPY: The wallpaper in the dining area is called Karlslund and is from Borås wallpaper. The white dining chairs emphasize the bright and airy style. The metal ceiling lamp is called Näckros and is a new interpretation of Carl Larsson’s paper lamp, from the house by the river. Photo: Ester Sorri

Solid self-input

Ulrica and Jörgen are two brave souls who are not afraid to take a challenge, so they decided to do the whole crafts job themselves. Around the turn of the year 2011-2012, they rolled up their sleeves and started the painstaking job of tearing walls and kitchens, replacing floor insulation, pulling power lines and rebuilding it all.

If it had not been for Ulrica’s growing baby show, they would probably finish the renovation together. But since it’s hard to creep and climb when you’re high-grade, Ulrica left the hammer to a carpenter one month before birth. Among other things, he helped to set up the new kitchen.

For everyday and party

The result has been just as good as the couple dreamed about. They are most pleased that they can now stand and cook while talking with family and friends around the dining table. The seat-bench is another smart investment that is used diligently.

Today, the kitchen is the natural gathering place, both for the little family in everyday life and when they visit. Here both start and end all the fun parties.

And the house itself? It’s great in its new costume, we will believe the owners.

– The house is very well and likes its new kitchen. Just like us.

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Smart solution for low windows in the kitchen

IMPLEMENTED: From the dining area of ​​the kitchen, the family can go straight into the garden. Ulrica and Jörgen are planning a patio there, so they can enjoy morning sun. The details in the kitchen create a nostalgic atmosphere, and herbs and onions become loving color clover in all that bright. By the fireplace and the old iron furnace the mason has made a shelf with shelves for space for the wood. Photo: Ester Sorri

Five tricky solutions

● Place the oven in the working height.

● Extra deep worktop provides more baking and work space.

● Open shelving solutions are best suited if you are a legal person.

● Shelf trays are great when storing large flat dishes such as frying pan and serving tray.

● If you pull the decor all the way up to the ceiling, take advantage of the space well. At the same time you release dust and grease on top of the cabinets.


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