Smart sleeping tips

Bring a ryddesjau in the bedroom, so you get a good conscience and sleep better.

Smart sleeping tips

Smart sleeping tips

The bedroom that keeps you awake

Smart sleeping tips

Smart change in the ceiling

Smart sleeping tips

The bread you do not need to knock

Smart sleeping tips

Here it separates 65. 000 kroner

Good advice for the bedroom does not have to be expensive.

There are a lot of things you can do with relatively simple means to create the order and well-being of your bedroom.

Smart sleeping tips

SOV SMART: Old gymnasium, price on request at Bolina. Letters on top of the closet, NOK 1095, Palma. Drying rack, used as a gavel, kr 839, The interior work. Klypelampe, kr 29, Ikea. Øyestikkerpute, kr 699, Room, quilted blanket, NOK 895, The work Interior, table with handle from Hay, kr 1299, The Interior. Old brick wall, kr 7900, Country Chic, wooden box at the end of the bed, kr 498 and 430, Bolina. Metallic light at the bedside, kr 2698, Bolina, Russian-inspired matrjosjka vases, kr 298 / pcs. , Twig. Photo: Margaret M. the long

Here are some tips:

  • Nothing takes as much space in a small bedroom as the bed, so maximize it. Get a bed with big drawers or space for boxes below. Here you can lounge away from all your bedding and underwear.
  • Hide the bed in a closet.
  • Use the height of the bedroom wall to stack in, either by buying or building cabinets that go from floor to ceiling. Absolutely top!
  • Inside or not, cupboards take place. If you do not have sliding doors, you have to make room for doors that will go up and over again. Movable wardrobes on wheels can be a good solution. Then your entire bedroom will be a walk-in closet.

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Smart sleeping tips

Black clothes rack on wheels, kr 1875, House Doctor. Aluminum cups, stackable, NOK 79 / set, Ikea. Black sorting bag with stand, NOK 85, Ikea. Photo: Manufacturers

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Smart sleeping tips

Folding guest bed / mattress from Muji, kr 1295, Åhléns. Bed with storage space, kr 1695, Ikea. Photo: Manufacturers


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