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Smart reuse of Norway glass

Old Norway glass, silverware and door coat can be used for so many.

Smart reuse of Norway glass

Smart reuse of Norway glass

CYLINDER HEAD. The cake molds slide straight into the capsule. Photo: Helge Eek

Smart reuse of Norway glass

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Smart reuse of Norway glass

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Smart reuse of Norway glass

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Many have old silverware, jam glass or anything else in the drawer that never sees the light of the day.

Hanna Kristinsdottier, co-author of the book “Charming reuse”, is a result of different kitchen tips.

She’s wondering about used things she finds in a used market or flea market for watches, screenboards or other things.

Screw it fast

Old Norway glass has got new opportunities in the kitchen, either Hanna feeds them under cover or replaces the glass in the scrubber with cake molds.

The hanging norges glasses are excellent as storage of, for example, pasta or rice.

Silent time

Hanna lets the old door team show the time. In fact, most of the time can be transformed into watches, a legacy of which you only have one left or new that makes decorative use, cookie boxes or pictures.

All you need is a hole for fixing the visors and the clockwork.

To drill in porcelain or glass, make holes with special drill bits.

Smart reuse of Norway glass

TIME CURRENT. The clockwork purchased at Clas Ohlson is attached at the center of the door team. Photo: Helge Eek

Charming worn

Smart reuse of Norway glass

fork shaft. Bend the fork, fasten it with screw and glue and you have an original handle. Photo: Helge Eek

Smart reuse of Norway glass

Here’s how the flea is stylish

Finding the old door layer, the more bulky and worn, the more charming, you only need to buy the watch.

Silen has finished holes for attachment. Simpler kitchen clock you will not get.

New roles

Why not grab the old cutlery and let it play a new role in the kitchen? Often there is a bar of aluminum in the drawer or a single silver fork on the flea market.

Fork Handle

In Hannas kitchen a silver fork is used as a handle on the cabinets. The fork is heated by hand and bends slightly afterwards. At the bottom it is attached with a screw between the roofs and at the top the fork is attached with glue so that it stays in place.

Single bend

Use adhesives that are suitable for wood and metal. The screw must be tightened properly and must be adjusted occasionally. Silver is easiest to bend, but other cutlery can also be used. If you do not have anything in stock, you will find it in used stores or in markets.

Frozen dandering

If you do not want to get rid of the silver cutlery, it can be dandert on a tray or a solid barrel. Fry for the eye, while the cutlery becomes more accessible and probably more used.


For example, old shutters can be painted and used as a display board in the kitchen. Or to hang tablecloths and kitchen towels on. For more ideas, visit the Hannas blog. You also find many books on the genre where reuse is a key theme.

Smart reuse of Norway glass

SCREEN TRAY. A double door has become a screen in the kitchen. It is also nice to hang the tablecloths on. Photo: Helge Eek

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