Smart decor in a small space

The secret is whole wall sections that are easy to move.

Smart decor in a small space

Smart decor in a small space

How to put in small space

Smart decor in a small space

Smart Tips for Storage

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Smart decor in a small space

This must be said about dress

We have written a lot about small apartments with smart solutions in small space. In this apartment we talk more about the extreme variant of the compact apartment.

The 34 square meter apartment is located in Hong Kong where architect Gary Chang runs the architectural office Edge Design.

For the New York Times, Chang tells that he grew up in this apartment and got the opportunity to buy it after he grew up.

When he grew up, the small apartment was divided into tiny rooms. There he lived with parents, two sisters, and a tenant.

Lots of grubling

The architect has spent a lot of time and money pondering five for what he now calls “the Domestic Transformer”.

He has refurbished in four rounds, with a slightly bigger budget for each time.

Rails on the roof

Gary Chang tells the New York Times that he clenched his fingers after tearing down the walls already in his teens.

Now they are torn and replaced with walls hanging in rails in the ceiling. When you push the walls, the new room is created.

Then you will find kitchen, library, bathroom, laundry room, dining room, bedroom, and eighteen variants to the rear walls and doors.


Smart decor in a small space

EATING CARE: Finishing work, time for dinner. Photo: EDGE Design Institute Limited

Smart decor in a small space

COMPACT: Small base, but plenty of space for hammock Photo: EDGE Design Institute Limited

Smart decor in a small space

SECTION: The furniture is folded up and down, the walls are divided into sections pushed in and out. Photo: EDGE Design Institute Limited

Gary Chang has not spared the luxury. In the bathroom, he has a Duravit xl bath, the glass shower can be turned into a sauna.

The bathroom itself has a heated seat with a bidet controlled by a remote control. And of course, the bathroom has music that flows out of six speakers

No compromises

– This is about placing both important and unexpected things into small space, without compromising, Chang tells clicks. no.

See the entire apartment in the video:

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