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Small-scale to dry-price

It is about time to dream of a life outside the city. You may have one of these small farms.

Small-scale to dry-price

Small-scale to dry-price

Small-scale to dry-price

Now you make a cabin cup in Sweden

Small-scale to dry-price

Lodge on the mountain below 500. 000

Small-scale to dry-price

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Small-scale to dry-price

Here you make the cabin cup

Small-scale to dry-price

Norway’s cheapest cabins

Do you dream of moving out of town, and maybe even living in a small farm?

If you’re not alone, Gunn-Helen Øye, Social Anthropologist at Analyze and Strategy at Multiconsult, and former trend analyst at Prognosis Center.

– There is a trend in time that is not yet measurable in numbers, says Øye. “It’s the dream of a simpler life in the country.

This trend she believes we have seen and read more about the last few years, in two variants.

– They are the ones with a lot of money buying small farms as a recreation site in the country, she explains.

They do not match us.

– So, you have some middle class members who are tired of the big wave and who dare to make a different choice.

These are the ones who can afford to take a chance to change their lives and who can afford to fail and move home again, Øye explains..

We have been able to read about the baker who started the bakery in Lom and ektremsportgutta, who started with leek cultivation in Lærdal in Aftensposten. On television there has been a lottery and spartan life on the Farmer.

– Such stories in the media make us start thinking about how we live our own lives, Øey believes. “I think there are more people who dream of a life with high heel shoes and country life,” says trend researcher..

Popular Keywords

Last week, Finn said. no via a press release that the word “small farm” tops the search lists to the property pages.

Throughout August this year, almost one million searches were made on the word.

It’s 40 percent more against the same period last year, Finn writes in the press release.

– (. ) Investigations also show that many are in Finn to dream, in addition to actively looking for housing, says Johan Fredrik Høvås, sales director in Finn, in the press release.

Price differences

On Find. no today there are 192 small farms for sale.

43 objects are priced up to 1. 300. 000 kroner.

48 small farms cost between 1. 300. 000 and 1. 900. 000 kroner.

46 pieces cost between 1. 900. 000 and 2. 900. 000 and 53 small farms cost from 2. 900. 000 and up to 28. 000. 000 kroner.

The most expensive property for 28. 000. 000 is located in Asker outside Oslo.

You can get this

At Rena you can get a small farm at the other end of the price range.

For 850. 000 you get a cozy house of 72 square, barn, outhouse and over three goals plot.

Small-scale to dry-price

Screenshot from Finn. no.

At Evje, approx. 5 miles outside of Kristiansand, you get a small farm with a main house, barn, annex and garage for 1. 090. 000 kroner.

At Bjorbekk outside Arendal you will find a small farm for 2. 900. 000 kroner. The house has an area of ​​186 square meters and idyllic building. This is the small farm for those who want to live rural right by the city (Arendal), reports broker.

Small-scale to dry-price

Screenshot from Finn. no.

Helga Sverdrup Hvass at ACenter brokers in Arendal, says to Click. no that there is a great interest in small businesses.

– It’s pure crowding on the views, she says to Click. no.

She can tell that the item we mention is already sold.

The experienced broker has worked in the industry for 20 years and says it is more and more popular with housing in the country.

– But it must be central to the city to be popular, she says.

– Central SMEs are very attractive.

Beautiful by the river

One of the objects that was written in the Aftenposten article about the romanticization of small farms was this small farm that is for sale at the river Vorma, approx.. 45 minutes from Oslo.

Small-scale to dry-price

Screenshot from Finn. no.

Small-scale farming over 12 goals is well-maintained and appears to be well-kept and moody.

The price is 3. 990. 000, and the broker could tell Aftenposten that the interest in the mill was massive.

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Small-scale to dry-price

Screenshot from Finn. no.

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