Slitent 80’s became new

The weary house from the 80’s got generous room solutions.

Slitent 80's became new

Slitent 80's became new

BRUN IDYLL: Residents fell for the villa in the 80s style, they started painting the rustoran house brown. Photo: Stian Broch

Slitent 80's became new

INPUT. The entrance hall is furnished with tiled heating cables, which gives warm welcome. Photo: Stian Broch STYLING: Anette Skjelbred

Slitent 80's became new

countertop space. Residents wanted a good bench space. Now they have one long side at their disposal. Decor from Kvik and tiles from the tile company. Photo: Stian Broch STYLING: Anette Skjelbred

Slitent 80's became new

glowing. When the old fireplace was replaced with a new one, there was a big hole in the parquet floor. The hole was filled with fine stones, decorative and original. Photo: Stian Broch / STYLING: Anette Skjelbred

Christina Berentsen, her husband Christian and her daughter Amanda live in an architectural-designed 80’s villa in Asker.

They came across the exciting house four years ago. The couple fell in love with the fun layout, the big windows and the tough 80s style. However, there was much to be done before the family could move in.

Needed face lift

The 205 sqm large house consisted of unmounted wall panel, untreated ceilings, a torn bathroom and a completely outdated kitchen fitting. The house needed a solid face lift.

– There was no doubt that we needed external help at this time. Neither Christian, our daughter nor I have any particular interest in interior. But we had been looking for houses for a long time, and thus had a sense of how we wanted it, “says Christina.

Interior Help

The family contacted Interior Architect Anette Skjelbred for assistance in giving the house the right expression.

Christina emphasizes that it was important to make the best use of space, and therefore the house should be furnished as practical and thoughtful as possible.

Tasty angles

The kitchen is the house’s spacious and airy gathering point. It has a high sloping ceilings, and one wall has been set for storage and kitchen decoration.

Overcap they have chosen to not insert. Thanks to a long seat bench along one side of the dining table, there is room for 12 guests at table.

– We have a big family and love to have guests. The layout of the old kitchen was a little dated and shared the room for two. We wanted a social dining area where you feel like sitting for a long time and enjoying it, and we’ve got it so far, says Christina.

Open Space Solutions

The living room has large windows that let the daylight flood in. The room is divided into two of an eye-catching, stylish fireplace, and the family has chosen to put in two sofas on each side of this.

– The original fireplace ate up the whole room and ruined a lot of the space experience. Therefore, the interior architect suggested that we put in a smaller fireplace with a more modern look, Christina says.

Lazy Days

One part of the living room is used for lazy days with television viewing, while the other part is often used when they have guests. Here is also the exit to the porch and the garden, both are diligently used by the family.

On the second floor, above the living room, they have also decorated a cozy hook with delicious, soft furniture. Everything is easily accessible and there are few barriers between the different living areas.

Sleek Style

In the master bedroom they have gone for a neat style. The bed is big and dominant and the couple have chosen not to have bedside tables, but wall lamps over the bed instead.

The entire one wall is covered with a practical mirrored cabinet, which makes the room appear bigger. It has its own entrance to the beautiful bathroom that houses both a large shower enclosure and a beautiful bathtub.

Glass-clear pleasure

After almost a year of refurbishment, the family could finally move into the dream house. Christina says that the renovation offered both small and big challenges.

– When a house is made up of so much untreated spruce and pine, it will be unbelievably many hours of grinding machine and paint cheese for the result to be good. It was certainly a patience test for us, but now it’s just enjoying the home we’ve been so happy with.

How to refurbish the villa

HOT COLORS: The most important thing for the family was that the house had a coherent red thread and that the whole would be warm and cozy. Interior designer chose to propose only warm colors to all rooms.

MATT AGAINST: The family went for matte walls in different tones, with whole-white panels, doors and directions.

LIGHT YELLOW: The floors are also treated and made brighter and more delicate.

FLORED EXPRESSION: After the renovation, the house appears brighter and lighter and, in particular, the wall colors appear much better in the rooms.

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Slitent 80's became new

WELCOME. The entrance hall is furnished with tiles with heating cables. The seat bench is the same series as on the kitchen, from Kvik. Photo: Stian Broch STYLING: Anette Skjelbred

Slitent 80's became new

LIGHT HOOK. In the floor above the other living rooms is the house’s cosekrok. Here there is room for relaxation. Chairs and puffs from Ikea. Photo: Stian Broch STYLING: Anette Skjelbred

Slitent 80's became new

Air. Large windows and exciting angles give the home an airy and open atmosphere. Photo: Stian Broch STYLING: Anette Skjelbred

Slitent 80's became new

THOUGHTFUL. Ikea’s dining table accommodates many around the table. The long seat bench is made of kitchen modules that match the other kitchen decor. The chairs are inherited and retracted. Photo: Stian Broch STYLING: Anette Skjelbred

Slitent 80's became new

CONTRASTS. The guesthouse of the living room is characterized by great contrasts in terms of colors and shapes. Dark sofa from Skeidar and table made of walnut countertops. The picture is signed Peter Skovgaard. Photo: Stian Broch STYLING: Anette Skjelbred

Slitent 80's became new

SLEEPING. The room is small and therefore has bright tones. The picture on the wall is signed Terje Resell. Bedding and pillows from the Loft Interior. Photo: Stian Broch STYLING: ANette Skjelbred

Slitent 80's became new

UTEGLEDE. As soon as the weather allows, the family pulls out to enjoy barbecue meals. Cushions and decorations are from the Loft Interior. Photo: Stian Broch STYLING: Anette Skjelbred


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