Should brush up his old house, bought the dream space instead

Build a new house

Should brush up his old house, bought the dream space instead

Should brush up his old house, bought the dream space instead

BEBOERNE: Nygaard family. Photo: Ragnar Hartvig

Customized Flow

Who? Sissel and Ronny Nygaard, with Ingrid’s daughter (18).

What? Detached house of 440 sqm on Åros in Røyken, designed by civil architect MNAL Claus Fishing in Line Architects. Interior design by interior designer Krista Hartmann.

Why? A well-crafted floor plan and deliberate interior design gave a practical and personal home.

On a hill with stunning views over the Oslo fjord is a house of rause dimensions and an exceptionally well-composed interior.

Sissel and Ronny Nygaard really went on to plan their old house when they suddenly discovered a plot of beautiful views and sun all day on a trip to Åros in 2011..

Completion of housewife

Sissel is born and raised in the area, so she knew the place well. As a result, there was a sale of land rather than renovation, and in October 2013 the couple could move into a brand new house.

Good help to meet the house dream, they were given by both architect and interior architect.

– The house, designed by civilian architect Claus Fiske, I describe as minimalist and a little funk, says Sissel Nygaard to Bonytt.

– Inside, we wanted there to be a connection between the rooms. We wanted large open rooms with few and big furniture.

In order to help with the red thread, interior designer Krista Hartmann received the team.

She came in at an early stage of the process, just after the first drawings were finished, but before approvals and construction started.

– We worked well with the architect, both in terms of floor plans and window positions. A house must be practical, there must be nice flow and things must be close to each other to be used, “says Hartmann, who is particularly concerned with floor plans.

– I like to say that you should be in touch with most of your house at all times. Then you feel at home and have the overview.

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Should brush up his old house, bought the dream space instead

The house has large proportions, with generous windows that go from floor to ceiling. The gray color of the walls is called Pavillion Gray and is from Farrow&Ball. The cupboard is from PH Collection, the lamp from Blomsteroasen and the other lamps from Belgian Davidts Lighting. Photo: Ragnar Hartvig

Should brush up his old house, bought the dream space instead

OPEN LANDSCAPE: Sissel and Ronny often gather family and friends around the massive dining table with smoked oak from the PH Collection.. Purple chairs from Ikea, and Art Wood’s end chairs. The ceiling lamp is from Davidts Lighting. Copper bulb from the Flower case on Stabekk, and light from Konzept H-P. The floorboards are in smoked and gray oak from Nice Floor and are 24 cm wide. The fireplace is dressed with the wallpaper to soften the impression, from Ellos. Photo: Ragnar Hartvig

Rough, big and long house

The architect has provided large rooms and nice proportions. The hall has extra height under the roof and the entrance is wide.

Should brush up his old house, bought the dream space instead

Check the bedrooms before and after the renovation

Because the house is on a hill with a view, it is set up to large windows to make the view of a part of the interior.

Exterior is the house dressed with Accoya wood, while the window frames are dark gray to tighten the lines on the lighter facade.

– The house is rough, big and far. Therefore it was important to choose solutions and materials that could be in proportion to the dimensions. We have chosen real, rause and solid materials and furniture, Hartmann explains to Bonytt.

– We were a lot on the construction site and were able to adjust and adjust a little along the way, in close cooperation with the local builder, Jon Fjell. Among other things, we dimensioned the tall fireplace in the living room on the spot.

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Should brush up his old house, bought the dream space instead

OPEN LANDSCAPE: The fireplace is located in the hall, but also provides visual warmth to the dining room. The doors between the hallway and the room are made of iron and glass by Trevaren Eydehavn. The table in smoked and steel-coated table top comes from PH Collection. Chairs from Art Wood and Ikea. Ceiling lamp from Belgian Davidts Lighting. Photo: Ragnar Hartvig

The kitchen is part of the living room

Nygaard was particularly keen on getting a good solution for the kitchen. She loves to cook and likes to gather the family for big dinners.

Should brush up his old house, bought the dream space instead

WELCOME: The kitchen solution is open and well integrated in the living area. The drawers and cabinets are highly lacquered. The benches in natural stone are called Jura Gray and are from Steinprosjektet AS, the luminaire is from Hansgrohe. The distinctive light fixtures in the ceiling are from Stokkan Lys. Light, the pendant lamp is from David’s Lighting. Photo: Ragnar Hartvig

– I wanted a lot of benches and a good overview, and preferred drawer rather than overcrowding, she says:

– Because the kitchen is in flight with the living room, it was important to avoid a typical kitchen corner. We chose one wall with high cabinets, a lot of bench space, and an island.

– When the kitchen is not in use, it becomes part of the living room, thanks to the harmonic expression.

The kitchen and bar stools are designed by Hartmann, and the furniture company Grønli&Paixao has built the kitchen. Per Berg has built the bar stools. The drawers and cabinets are high-gloss lacquered, while the countertop is made of natural stone. Both the fan hood and the wall behind the stove are coated with painted glass.

To emphasize the airy and open feel in the living and kitchen room, the doors were specially made in iron and glass by Trevaren Eydehavn.

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Should brush up his old house, bought the dream space instead

PLEASE HILL: The big modular sofa is from Living. The gray wall cabinet is made of furniture nest Roger Grønli, painted in the same color as the wall, Manor House Gray from Farrow&Ball. Lamp from Green Apple, patterned blanket and pillow, as well as light from Konzept H-P. The painting is signed by the Norwegian artist Sverre Schyberg Olsen. REVIEW: Upon entering the corridor you can see through the house, while the mirrors in the cabinet reflect the open staircase and the windows behind. The floor of the hall is in black concrete, while the specially fitted closet and interior doors are in smoked oak to create warm contract against the black and gray. Photo: Ragnar Hartvig

Should brush up his old house, bought the dream space instead

PRIVATE AREA: The sky above the bed is dressed with Elitis wallpaper, the wall is painted in the color Ball Dove Tale from Farrow&Ball. Daybed from PH Collection, bedside lamp from Riis Interior. The curtains are sewn in rough linen. Delicate bedspread from the Blanc d’Ivoire. PRACTICAL: From the bedroom you go straight into the closet, a so-called walk-in closet. Here is the floor plated with wool blanket from Le Tisserand. All decor was designed by Krista Hartmann and built by Roger Grønli in Grønli&Paixo Design and Furniture. Photo: Ragnar Hartvig

Contrasts for warmness and warmth

Today the whole house is in use. The parents have the first floor, while Ingrid’s daughter has her room on the second floor.

We spend a lot of time in the living and kitchen area. This has probably become the favorite room, and we gladly invite you to family gatherings. Sissel Nygaard

On both floors, the house has a number of masculine elements, such as black, polished concrete floors in the hall, and dark gray window frames also inside. Therefore, great emphasis was placed on good contrasts to provide warmness and warmth.

– In the living room and bedroom we laid the floor in smoked oak. The same material we chose on interior doors and many cabinets, Hartmann says, and continues:

– To emphasize the proportions of the house, we used wide shelf, and built the cabinets all the way to the ceiling. Everything must be drawn up in relation to the architecture to create a whole, Hartmann explains.

Therefore, the furniture is also few, but deliciously large and generous.

Should brush up his old house, bought the dream space instead

FEMININT PREG: The house is by the way tight and clean, but in the guest toilet, the residents and interior architects want a feminine touch. The wallpaper from Nina Campbell takes care of it. Large mirrors help increase space feeling. The floor is sanded, black concrete. BATH: In the bathroom there are sandstone tiles on the floor, Atazul from Stenproject. The Duravit bath is dressed in stained glass sheets and a list of LED lights is placed right down the floor. The wall is covered with wallpaper from Sandberg. In the shower zone, details are used in glass mosaic tiles in the same color as the glass on the bath, also those from the stone project. Photo: Ragnar Hartvig

Should brush up his old house, bought the dream space instead

PLANNING: Here’s how the floor planes out of house 1. story. Photo: Krista Hartmann


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