Shelf in the bathroom

Instead of knots and knots, a wheelchair can be the solution.

Shelf in the bathroom

Shelf in the bathroom

Shelf in the bathroom. Photo: Elisabeth Aarhus Hudson

Shelf in the bathroom

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Shelf in the bathroom

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When the bathroom is about to finish and the entire budget is blown on diaphragms, extinguishes, tiles and fittings, it’s a pity if you can not afford accessories that mean everything for the finish; accessories like shelves, hooks and hooks.

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A better option than bathroom interior can be to bring in a handy shelf that is usually sold for the hall. This way you get both shelf and hooks in one for a reasonable price. It looks decorative and everything is gathered in one place.

This is especially advisable when the room is not that big.

The owner of this bathroom wanted something that was not too modern compared to the rest of the room. In a local flea market, she found two shelves of this kind for a hundred. The salesman from the school corps could tell that they were from one of NSB’s old vehicle sets that are no longer in operation. Smiling, she wandered home and got the craftsman who tiled the bathroom to hang it up.

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Then she would rather go to the purchase of some new white towels.

Tip: Put the screw holes in the joint so you do not have to drill holes in the tiles.

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