Shed shed became the family’s dream home

In Sydney, a family made a dull shed to a functional deacons apartment.

Shed shed became the family's dream home

Someone is good at seeing gold glitter in what others seem like pure gray stones. Some make beautiful new furniture of old that others have got rid of and others take it even longer and make home of something that at best is basically a dull shed.

There are many examples of buildings that have started their lives as something completely different than they have ended up.

The latest is the case for this smart and unique home in Sydney, Australia.

Fragile burst

In Randwick, one of Sydney’s many suburbs, it was an old fatal shed that over the years had been used for many different purposes and purposes. According to local historians, the shed was built as early as 1890 by two Irish smiths who used the shed as a combined housing and workshop.

Shed shed became the family's dream home

HISTORICAL BUILDING: The shed originates from 1890, when two Irish people used it as a housing and forging workshop. Photo: Justin Alexander

Over the past 120 years, it has a simple brick building, not far from the famous Cogee Beach in Sydney, like everything from a motorcycle workshop to an artist studio, and much more there between.

Taken a Chance

In 2003 the shed was put up for sale, and the current owners decided to take a chance on the worn old brick building. The couple, who grew up in the area and knew the building, knew that the location was amazing and that in order to create the dream home they only needed some knowledge, some good ideas and lots of hours of work.

To get the dream house, the family members of the architects from Richard Peters Associates joined the team. The idea was to draw and build a smaller but fully functional home, which would give them a more sustainable and easier way to live and live on.

Sustainable Renewal

Shed shed became the family's dream home

Much Job: It was not a day to do this back home. Photo: Justin Alexander

Shed shed became the family's dream home

NEW GAMMELT: For this family, this dream project was to get the home they wanted. Photo: Justin Alexander

– Much of the point of the project was to respond to the growing city’s growing need for adaptable reuse, explains architect Richard Peters at Richard Peters Associates to Bonytt. no.

Shed shed became the family's dream home

Here the architect lives without water and power

In addition, consideration should be given to a limited budget, and the fact that the owners of this project wanted a home they could live for a long time, which would reduce the use of traditional energy needs, which are often both polluting and expensive.

On top of all, the first priority was to create a home where all this was in place, but where comfort and privacy should not be.

Small and smart

The family’s new old house is not big and measures only barely 74 square meters. At this limited space, the architects have accommodated both two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and proved that it’s no problem to create a smart and functional home even in very limited space.

– Although the roof of the house faces north, it has been decided to use solar panels that utilize the sun’s heat and power, explains Peters.

– We also chose not to install air conditioning, but rather install doors and windows in both north and south facing walls so that it can be ventilated well and properly. The solid concrete floor holds on the heat of the winter sun during the cold months, and contributes to the warming of the house to a large extent..

Zones and Rooms

Shed shed became the family's dream home

Here’s a man, not a hobbit

The Shed, as the architects baptized the project, are divided into zones.

– We chose to divide the home into “public” and private zones, spread over two floors, explains architect Richard Peters.

– In this way, the house has a good natural flow, and works the way the family wanted it.

The entrance is preserved where the shed originally had a sort of garage door. Today, a four-meter wide sliding door serves as an entrance, and works in such a way that it either opens or closes the entire private back street where the shed lies.

Also in the house’s first floor is the living room / living room of the house. A 12 meter long corridor connects all the rooms on the ground floor, and houses a kitchen, a small storage room, a laundry room and a small but practical home office.

Decor and smart solutions

Shed shed became the family's dream home

SOLFYLT: A slim little backyard ensures that sunlight and heat escape into the home. Photo: Justin Alexander

The living room on the first floor utilizes the house’s full six-meter ceiling height, giving a slender expression in the compact dwellings.

Shed shed became the family's dream home

Should you have narrower houses, you have to sleep upright

– The inside of the roof is obsessed with the green steel sheets from the outside of the old roof, the arktics shine about the unusual ceiling.

– Then we added a new external ceiling, allowing room for additional insulation, which in turn contributes to the house’s reduced energy demand.

Next to the dining room, there has been space for a small backyard / yard in what was initially the toilet of the building. This helps to bring more light into the north side of the house.

– In summer, the sun and heat are being held by the high wall, explains architect Peter.

– During the winter, the sun will creep longer into the building and heat the cast concrete floor.

In all rooms, one has chosen to use an integrated floor-to-ceiling window system, which allows all rooms to open against the elements and seasons.

Shed shed became the family's dream home

STRAM DESIGN: The bathroom is kept very simple in decor, and seems bigger than it is. Photo: Justin Alexander

– Even in the bathroom, the large sliding doors provide natural ventilation.

Shed shed became the family's dream home

This house has 100 windows

Materials used are all easy to clean and so in keeping with the house’s aura of sustainability as possible.


The home has essentially one bedroom, but in addition the home office is used as an extra bedroom or guest room when needed. On the second floor, which is the house’s private zone, there is also an outdoor terrace, which is used often. Another area has been set aside for use as a dry-clean zone.

Inspired by Tokyo

– It’s no secret that in order to get this built to the way we and the new owners wanted, we greatly inspired Tokyo and the way people live in the huge metropolis, “explains Richard Peters..

– In Tokyo, landslides like gold dust and urban ghosts are designed in such a way that they will look at sites that would not be considered big enough for any thing in many other parts of the world, explains the award-winning architect.

Shed shed became the family's dream home

VOTING FULL: It’s hard to imagine that this beautiful home was made of a 120 year old shed. Photo: Justin Alexander

Shed shed became the family's dream home

DUBBEL TAKHØYDE: In the living room, the full roof height of the building has been utilized at 6 meters. Photo: Justin Alexander

The owners were very involved in the process of designing their home, and the main goal was to create a new home within the walls of the old shed, in a way that did not allow the building to pretend to be anything else than it really was. It is very honest, both against materials and design.

Shed shed became the family's dream home

Hero coffee on the floor for antique look

Other considerations the architects had to take where the narrow backhole shed was placed by, the view of the neighbors’ gardens, and not least the fragile structure of the old shed.

Award winning project

In 2010, The Shed won the first award in the Alterations & Additions category at Randwick City Council Urban Design Awards. In addition, the smart little house has attracted a lot of attention both at home in Australia but also elsewhere in the architecture and design world.

Shed shed became the family's dream home

HOME OFFICE: The architects from Richard Peters Associates got the job of drawing the family’s new home. Photo: Justin Alexander

If you have this color at home, you’re pretty cool.

Shed shed became the family's dream home

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Shed shed became the family's dream home

ARCHITECTURAL CERTIFICATE: Richard Peters Associates got the job of renaming an old workhorse. Photo: ILLUSTRATION: Richard Peters Associates

Shed shed became the family's dream home

PROFESSIONAL: The family wanted their new house to be as green as possible. Photo: ILLUSTRATION: Richard Peters Associates

Shed shed became the family's dream home

This is a closed chicken farm

Shed shed became the family's dream home

SMART SMÅHUS: In big cities you often have to think outside the box for the raw find dream home. Plots and dwellings do not grow on trees. Photo: ILLUSTRATION: Richard Peters Associates


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