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Selling the property on YouTube

Marketing your home on YouTube may be wise if you are going to sell, says an expert. Several have already taken advantage of the opportunity.

Selling the property on YouTube

Selling the property on YouTube

View does not help with the price

Selling the property on YouTube

Wait for home purchase

Selling the property on YouTube

Smoke odor prevents home sales

In recent months, the housing market has had a rapid turnaround. The buyers are missing, prices have fallen and owners have to think creatively to get rid of the property.

Some people advertise to exchange the property instead of sell, others try to entice buyers with gifts, some will use advertising agencies and some stock their own sales ads.

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New Marketing Channels

First Sector Gorm Kunøe at the Department of Marketing at BI Norwegian Business School, closely follows trends and trends for the sale and marketing of housing, and is particularly keen to see what happens when the market becomes more difficult.

– We are going to see brand new ways to sell homes. The traditional approach with the customer’s choice of broker, valuation and tariff, advertising in advertisements and FINN, bidding round and housing termination can soon be a matter of fact, “said Kunøe to

– We also see the emergence of brand new channels for marketing in the form of social media, personal web pages, YouTube and blogs on the web. Difficult times and new marketing channels will trigger a lot of creativity, which could challenge the traditional way of selling homes, “said Kunøe.

Create Video

The BI expert believes housing sellers must take a far more active attitude toward home sales than today and believe YouTube may be one of several good marketing opportunities.

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– You know best what kind of people are going to get well in your apartment. Use it for a better description than a simple ad text. Take a video clip and load it out. Tell about transport possibilities, access to sporting activities, forest & land, restaurants and cultural services. Present yourself if you dare, Kunøe, who teaches at BI’s bachelor’s degree in real estate, advises.

Sings about the home

Several have already done as Kunøe recommends and posted their home for sale on YouTube.

A salesman presents his house and neighborhood to the music of the TV series Dynasty. Watch the video here.

Another sings about the home he will sell at Carl Berner in Oslo. Now, however, the home is sold. Watch the video here.

A more low-key housing view on YouTube is available here.

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