Dream house

Selects distinctiveness over design

At home with Maria Rasmussen there are soft pastels and old furniture that count.

Selects distinctiveness over design

Here you can get a little better acquainted with Maria Rasmussen, who is one of the ten finalists in the award of Norway’s Dream House.

She wanted to recycle the old charm of the 20th century home she lives in, and has therefore been decorated with bright colors and old furniture.

Who do you live with?

My husband Anders, and our two children Madelén (8) and Nicholas (4).

What do you do everyday?

I work 80% in kindergarten, and runs the online store Mias Interior.

Age: 31 years

Blog: Mias Interior

1. What did you feel or what was the first thing you thought when you heard that you were a finalist?

I was very happy and surprised! Imagine that our simple home has been chosen, along with these nine other beautiful homes. It shows that distinctiveness and personality count stronger than expensive design products, and that following your heart and your own taste can actually pay off!

2. What are you most proud of at your home?

The most unique, and what I’m most pleased with, I think must be the tv cabinet in the living room, made of two old doors that can be pushed into the wall when the TV is going to be displayed.


3. What do you think about the response you have received so far?

Excellent Cozy! Very grateful to those who have given me their voice and for good feedback in the form of comments on blog, mail and text.

4. What do you want to buy for your home if you win?

New sofa is probably on top of the list, otherwise I would like some new, tough lights.

5. If you do not win who would you like to get used to?

All finalists have amazingly beautiful homes, so everyone is equally worthwhile winners.

Hannes’s diary is still my favorite, if I have to choose one.

(The competition has ended and the winner of Norway’s Dream Residence became Maria Førsund Forsberg).

Selects distinctiveness over design

BABYBLÅ: The style in Mary’s home is consistently white, pastels and raw natural materials. Photo: Maria Rasmussen

Selects distinctiveness over design

RELIGIOUS: Maria combines fabrics in deep colors and coarse wood surfaces, creating a relaxing room with charm. In the picture on the left you will see the old doors that act as TV cabinets. Photo: Maria Rasmussen

Selects distinctiveness over design

POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT: The house is characterized by old wooden furniture and perhaps some unusual decoration, like the bicycle on the chest of drawers. Over the wood stove hangs two pictures with sweet mottos to live for. Photo: Maria Rasmussen

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