See why this is the world’s best building

The Pritzker Prize, the world’s leading architectural award, went this year for the first time in history to a Chinese.

See why this is the world's best building

The American Pritzker Prize has been awarded since 1979 and is referred to as the Nobel Prize of Modern Architecture.

Only two Scandinavians can embrace this good prize, Sverre Fehn and Danish Jørn Utzon.. This year, the first time went to a Chinese, Wang Shu.

– This was a happy news. Wang Shu is a well-deserved Pritzker award winner, says Professor Einar Dahle at the Oslo Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo to

An architect who is able to surprise

– Wang Shu shows, among other things, that tradition and well-known building materials can be used to create new, sustainable architecture with surprise moments. A wonderful malapropos for those who want to be so-called “innovative”, but just repeating the expected.

– The new occurs almost always in the periphery and in unexpected places, the expert believes.

See why this is the world's best building

COOL FORM: A wall of windows characterizes Ningbo History Museum Signed Architect Wang Shu Photo: Lv Hengzhong

See why this is the world's best building

A HOUSE WITH HISTORY IN FASADEN: The building has edges and shapes that remind you of Chinese characters. Photo: Lv Hengzhong

A man who takes care of nature

Wang Shu is 48 years old, living in the city of Hangzhou and his buildings under the auspices of the office Amateur Architecture Studio has been noted from the start in 1997 because of its striking simple and earthy designs of larger public buildings.

An example of his humble attitude towards conservation of resources is that he saved more than two million roof pans from old houses that were demolished and reused them to the roofs of houses in the campus area of ​​Xingshan University.

Another expression of Shu’s reverent attitude toward nature is that he, in respect of local tradition, left half of the library of Wenzheng College underground.

China’s New Architecture and Urban Planning

– That a Chinese now wins this prize is a signal that China takes an additional step into the international arena for modern architecture, Thomas J said. Pritzker at the award ceremony to Weng Shu February 28 this year.

– In addition, memories remind us of the importance of urbanization in China being a success. This development has an impact on the whole world, Pritzker said.

He also stated that Wang Shu draws on China’s long and unique building traditions, while seeing the future’s need for sustainable development in a country that is huge both in size and in population.

Wang Shu is both local and universal

The jury chairman, English Lord Palumbo, stated among other things to the press;

– Wang Shu’s architecture focuses on the question of the architecture of our time, first and foremost, to be rooted in the past or in the future.

– Shus’s timeless works are important for this debate because they are both deeply rooted in Chinese reality and in universal challenges to humanity.

Museums that put track in the present

One of the award winner’s most profiles works is the Ningbo Historical Museum from 2008.

It was won after an international architectural competition, and the building is largely built up of local recycled materials. An important ambition of the project was to awaken live moods from ancient times in this port city just south of Shanghai.

According to the jury of the Pritzker Prize, this is a type of building that is even more striking in reality than on pictures.

– This museum is an urban icon. A well-formed, historical frame where the visitor is set to the highest level.

Materials are part of us

Looking around, it’s possible to register that people do not care especially about the building materials they use, Wang Shu said earlier in a press interview. There are only new buildings and new things.

See why this is the world's best building

Do you know where this is, you are on your way

Shu believes that the materials we build for example are not only materials. In the materials there are also some human experiences, a memory that concerns us all.

As an architect, it has been important for him to do something about this.

Calligraphy architecture

The company name, Amateur Architects Studio, chose Wang Shen by the way to undo the spontaneous and experimental pages of the houses he draws.

See why this is the world's best building

ANOTHERLED MUSEUM: Architect Wang Shu has created a facility that is internationally referred to as an urban icon. Photo: Lv Hengzhong

The experts also believe that this year’s Pritzker award winner creates earthy buildings marked by unorthodox edges and waves.

See why this is the world's best building

Only one room in the cabin of the architect

Some people understand that these can be a kind of echo of Wang Shen’s passion for Chinese calligraphy.

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See why this is the world's best building

A ROM WITH SPECIAL: The earthy, raw style also characterizes the interior. Photo: Lv Hengzhong

See why this is the world's best building

MAGIC SMUG: How tough can be when a master architect stands behind. Photo: Lv Hengzhong

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See why this is the world's best building

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