See which lawnmower is right for you

If you need a new lawnmower, check this guide.

See which lawnmower is right for you

Safe Lawnmowing

  • Use shoes with good soles. Do not cut barefoot or sandals.
  • Also, wear glasses in case something is swung out of the machine.
  • If you go into the blade housing, make sure that the plug is pulled out of electric mowers and the spark plug is plugged into gasoline powered.
  • Do not let the children play around you when you cut.
  • Avoid kicking grass and other things from the rotor blades when the engine is running.

Types of lawnmowers

Multi trimmers

The grass is finely chopped and remains on the lawn as fertilizer. The clips are also referred to as bioclips or mulches.


Collector Unit. For those who do not want to shave.

Combination Shear

Has both collector and multiclip function.

Side discharge

The grass is thrown out on the side and you have to shave.


Rider is another name on this. Here you sit and cut the grass.

There are not so many weeks left until the lawnmower has to go back. The time is now to assess new cliffs, if the need is there.

– The earlier you get to the store, the bigger the selection will be, “says Grim Nitteberg in Grim Machine Service.

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Think environment at choice

– I think it’s important to think about the environmental aspect when buying lawnmower. It means buying a clipper that has a relatively long lifespan, and then we are talking about lawnmowers who cost over 5000 dollars. For the smallest lawns, maybe a clipper of just over 3000 kroner will hold, explains Grim Nitteberg.

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Freezer mowers

– What is popular now are machines with more features, says Nitteberg.

– So mowers that can choose between clips, collectors and drafts. The advantage of choosing a machine with a bioclip feature is that the grass is snapped and blown into the grass, and eventually becomes fertilized. The disadvantage of such mowers is that during the growing periods the grass must be cut three times a week. For if the grass gets too high, the clip art will not work.

Nitteberg emphasizes that the advantage of a combination cutter is that if the grass has become too high and the bioclay function is not working, it will be possible to use it in any collector function or draft (which requires raising the cut).

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Cutting width

– It is important to choose the right clipper for the correct area. says Petter Grinden in the construction company ISS Landscaping.

– If it’s a hilly lawn with shrubs and trees, it would be sensible to choose a narrow cliff, maybe all the way down to 45 centimeters wide.

He tells on:

– The smallest gasoline clippers will work satisfactorily on lawns up to 700-800 square meters. For lawns above this size you can consider wide mowers, but they are of course heavier and harder to maneuver, adds Nitteberg. He adds that electric lawn mowers only work on small lawns, up to 150 square meters.

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