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See what you get for 30 mill

Deadlines a mansion for 30 million?

See what you get for 30 mill

We have previously written about the country’s cheapest housing. This time we move to the other side of the scale and show you the most expensive.

Check how much loan you can handle.

If you have more than 20 million to buy a house for, you can choose between a total renovation project in Asker or a mansion on Oslo’s west side.

tower Be

At Frogner in Oslo, Advocates Sem and Johnsen have the country’s most expensive housing for sale. 30 million is the price proposition for the house with an area of ​​approximately 450 square meters.

There are five bedrooms, a tower room and an original fish-bone-patterned parquet in the living room. A butler room also comes with, if you need it.

In the sales advertisement it is claimed that the property is adjacent to the Frogner Park, but even closer is one of Oslo’s thoroughfare Ring 2.

– It’s a bit of traffic, then, but it’s not about E-18 either. Some people will find that there is traffic, while others will not care about it, says real estate agent Tom Elliot Johnsen.


See what you get for 30 mill

The house at Frogner shares the first place with this house on Snarøya. The classic white villa is also set at 30 million.

On a wall of Leca light concrete, you will get a three-family house with its own shoreline and access to the shared beach.

The property’s use area is 421 square meters, with annexe.

In addition, it is stated that there is consistently good standard of housing.

Verified in Asker

For the person who is keen on cultural history and protected buildings, DnB Nor Eiendom Residens has a former manor house for sale in Asker outside Oslo. The price is 28 million.

The property is almost 180 acres, which consists of 140 acres of land, 24 acres of forest and scarce 15 acres of gardens.

– There have been no residents in the main house of 25 years, says real estate agent Sverre Nilsen. – So here it must be assumed that everything has to be rehabilitated.

Nilsen estimates that it can quickly be 10 to 15 million in redundancy expenses.

– This is the purchase for anyone who wants to sit with Asker’s finest property, which may also be interested in horses, the broker believes.

Remaining roundabout

See what you get for 30 mill

HERREGÅRD: In Asker, outside Oslo, this property is for sale. 180 goals empty, but the main house must be completely renovated.

This house just outside Hønefoss has been sold since click.no wrote about it in May 2009.

That time, the price estimate was 20 million. Now the price proposition is 25 million.

Nordvik & Partners describes it as a dominant residential property, with a driveway ending in a roundabout.

The property was built after the war and has been fully renovated five years ago.

Newly refurbished swimming pool from 1947 and views all the way to Norefjell has the property as well.

This is the property of “who wants to get a little out of a busy life”, it is included in the advertisement.

Garage for four cars

On Nesøya outside Oslo, a fun house is sold for 22.5 million.

The user area is 456 square meters, with five bedrooms and a garage that seats four cars.

“Funkisperle” describes the home as, although funkis was strictly a style that existed before World War II.

– Funkis is the short form of functionalism, which was a style of the 30’s, says senior citizen at the National Museum, Ulf Grønvold. “The problem is that it is not easy to design homes that are being built today, but for us who work with architectural styles, it is strange to use funkis on today’s homes.

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