See the Oslo architects dream cabin

The Oslo architects drew a dream hut on the ruins of an old beef farm.

See the Oslo architects dream cabin

See the Oslo architects dream cabin

So cool can a country villa be

See the Oslo architects dream cabin

The dream bath is in an old barn

See the Oslo architects dream cabin

Created design homes of five containers

See the Oslo architects dream cabin

See the photos: Dull suburban villa became a dream home

The idea of ​​taking an old building and restoring it to a modern style expression can lead to many rashes.

The renowned architectural office Jarmund&Vigsnæs AS was commissioned to transform an old beef farm in Mallorca to an elongated and stylish country house.

– Since it was originally an ox farm, it was named Càn Bovet, “The little bull’s house”. And you enter the airy rooms inside the new, long-sized main building, you still have contact with nature and the horizon right outside, says architect Håkon Vigsnæs to bonytt. no.

Jarmund & VIgsnæs are known for a variety of spectacular projects. Among other things, a design hotel in the middle of Jotunheimen, a new mansion of recycled materials, and a crisp white Bærum housing as the trend magazine Wallpaper has shelled.

Strong Style Traditions

The country house in Mallorca was carried out on behalf of a design-driven Norwegians. The idea was, among other things, to create an undisturbed place where one can see a sheltered view over the landscape, which is essentially an agricultural area located in a snail valley in the middle of the island. Here it grows almond and olives on well-groomed grounds surrounded by pine trees, and it seems almost as the time has stood completely for hundreds of years in this valley.

The management of the Mallorca authorities in terms of construction quality and quality was at least as strong here as in Norway, says Vigsnæs.

First, the architects restored the little barn, so there were two new houses and the pool.

See the Oslo architects dream cabin

A PLACE FOR DRUMMER: The swimming pool is dressed with spring green tiles that feed the colors in the hills around. It has electrolysis plants for salt instead of chlorine in the water. In the middle behind the pillars is the old barn that was living. Photo: Nils-Petter Dale

See the Oslo architects dream cabin

PREVENT FOR STILERY HOUSE: The facade carriage on the pergola is a whole three meters. This gives plenty of shade in front of the houses of 145 sqm. Photo: NIls-Petter Dale

See the Oslo architects dream cabin

HISTORICAL TOUCH: The roof protrusions rest on old stone columns from the time this place was a fox for bulls. This is clean and simple architecture. Photo: Nils-Petter Dale

Style as votes

The architects also succeeded in implementing all the houses in the plant with the same roof angles and proportions as they found on the old beef mill. The formerly spartan-built plot has become almost a small village with narrow alleys and small spaces.

– One of the important things in the project was to create the large screened living terrace with a view, first over the pool and so further back on the horizon downhill with all the pines, the architects tell.

Challenge with heat and shadow

It is Scandinavians who live primarily here, and according to the architects it is important that they get adequate outdoor shade.

– They do not like the locals on the island who live a lot indoors.

This shadow challenge solved the architect by making a pergola outlet, a bamboo brake straight from the roof of the main house. It shields a total of 150 square meters of the area in front of the poolside.

– The heat, which sometimes gets high in this dry area, inspired us to create extra high, airy spaces, says Vigsnæs. This gives good penetration, and in addition, the window openings can be completely covered with bamboo spikes. Together, these two things provide fresh air throughout the night.

And in comparison to the island’s building traditions, one would not have air conditioning and too many high-tech installations.

The rooms will open in full width

With folding doors and bamboo shutters, the rooms are easily opened and closed to the full wall width.

See the Oslo architects dream cabin

VIEW OF AN INTACT LANDSCAPE: This area in the center of Majorca is characterized by active farms in covenant with ancient traditions. Here you can grow almonds, among other things. In front of the terrace there are built natural stone walls according to local construction. Photo: Nils-Petter Dale

See the Oslo architects dream cabin

MAGIC: There is a special atmosphere on the terrace in the evenings. The Norwegian architects collaborated with Spanish colleagues, Albisu / Pradell Arquitectos SCP on this project. Photo: Nils-Petter Dale

See the Oslo architects dream cabin

RIGHT MID IN MODERN FACILITIES: The old barn was living and it is decorated with soft furniture from the area. Photo: Nils-Petter Dale

All three houses have access to the pergola area. But there is no internal review between them.

Tailoring and Tradition

The architects did not add up to so many special details. They also prioritize clean surfaces and butt in butt closures between the building elements. Most of the constructions are special seams, mostly made by a skilled local carpenter.

– He is a representative of Mallorcas high craftsman standard. It is actually not so easy to find professionals with equivalent expertise in Norway, notes Vigsnæs.

See the Oslo architects dream cabin

DISCHARGE IN THE SUN: With bamboo shutters it gets cool inside the high room, even on hot days. Photo: Nils-Petter Dale

See the Oslo architects dream cabin

HARMONI: And the bathroom is characterized by the simple and clean design style. It provides environments that stimulate peace and thought. Photo: Nils-Petter Dale

The architects are signposted both wardrobes and beds. All rooms were furnished with tables and chairs with belonging to the historic Sineu area close by, as well as Mallorca by the way. Here you are not primarily focused on imported designs. It was more important to take care of the local colorite.

See the Oslo architects dream cabin

CREATIVE TEAM: Architects Einar Jarmund, Alessandra Kosberg and Håkon Vigsnæs. Photo: Nils-Petter Dale

See the Oslo architects dream cabin

Cottage Mallorca Basic plan Photo: JVA

Old and New

The old, original stone barn building was transformed into a cozy living room with a fireplace and soft furniture. This is the perfect place for late nights.

The kitchen has a large kitchen island, dining area and a back room with refrigerator hidden by sliding doors. The four large bedrooms are spread over the two new buildings.

Over 1000 inspiring interior images

You have never seen such small buildings

See the Oslo architects dream cabin

OPEN AREA: The kitchen also opens in total to the view and the room has a solid and effective island decor. The walls are painted in a light, tobacco-like setting. Photo: Nils-Petter Dale

See the Oslo architects dream cabin

RO I RUIN ROOM: The old barn; Càn Bovet, “The House of the Little Bull”, is a lovely, atmospheric place of 35 sqm with a mix of new and old. Here are the rough walls against soft, berber-like furniture. Walls painted in an orange-colored orange hazard. The room closes with a sliding glass door. Photo: Nils-Petter Dale

See the Oslo architects dream cabin

COMPLETE IN NEW SMALL HOUSES: The architect-designed beds represent the clean, modern style. The height under the roof contributes to good ventilation in the house. This is new, nice decor on old tufts. Photo: Nils-Petter Dale

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