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See the living room before and after

The living room became new with old furniture in a new move.

See the living room before and after

See the living room before and after

. The furniture ring was a little thoughtful, the floor worn and the colors went out on date. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

See the living room before and after

FLOWER WALL. Wallpaper from Marathon Design. The TV is where the couch stood before. Sideboard from Møbelringen. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

See the living room before and after

READING HOOK. The fabric that Mariann has pulled about the chair with, she had from a previous project. Round carpet and curtains from JAB, pillow from Åhlens. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

See the living room before and after

RIDING UP. The fireplace and the wall were painted white and it was cleaned up in the area. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

See the living room before and after

PICTURE WALL. Residents had gathered art for many years. A selection was made that was carefully put together. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

See the living room before and after

The Swiss House became trendy residence

See the living room before and after

Extreme transformation of old villa

See the living room before and after

Norway’s best interiors

See the living room before and after

– Use hardened glass over the kitchen counter

See the living room before and after

Tiles, vinyl or wet room paint?

After the four children moved out, Mariann and Rolf Kihlman would ascribe the style of the living room. Several of the furniture was fully usable and they would love to keep the most.

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Retrace the furniture

Mariann’s two furniture-making course came well. The inherited antique dining room got a new costume, and the same chair was given in the corner.

The spacious sofa was only four years old and a little worn so that it could continue as a living room.

An articulation

With help from Bonytt, the couple received help from Interior Architect MNIL Linda Lien.

The interior designer thought it was particularly exciting that the residents themselves could snuggle, wallpaper, paint and, not least, pull the furniture themselves.

– Keeping a piece of furniture and giving them a new costume is both environmentally friendly, less expensive and some of the family’s history is preserved.

Link the rooms together

The floor was worn out after several years of dog pots and children’s and adolescents, and the floor thus needed a renewal.

The residents realized that it could not be saved by grinding.

There was already oak park in the hallway and by laying oak in the living room, the parquet connects the rooms together.

Room divider

The interior designer took care of every zone, TV room, reading room and dining room.

The sofa was given a new role as room divider in addition to seating in front of the TV.

One wall was covered with a golden wallpaper.

Shelf for Books

Linda Lien says that a low shelf is planned behind the sofa facing the reading corner. The shelf will accommodate books, and the residents will not have to look straight into the sofa when sitting in the reading room.

Out with the piano

In the past, only the fireplace was white, while the wall was the same yellow as the wall color.

By painting the wall, the fireplace appears more right-handed and stately.

The piano that stood next to the fireplace was moved to another room because no one who plays it anymore anymore.


Instead, the space was used to collect art, carefully selected images were hit in a new way.

– The shape and size of the image collection were compared to the fireplace. Together, this creates a harmonious and exciting composition.

Striped Costume

The antique furniture from 1860 is inherited, and the dining room was formerly in Christiania.

Over time, the furniture has become very worn . They were ripe for a more modern move, and were retracted .

The furniture had striped features and the furniture is lined with matching cords. Tight stripes were chosen, but a color palette that was not contradicted was retained.

Vertical corner

The fabric that the chair was dressed was a few meters left over from a previous furniture deployment. A round fuzzy blanket and a pair of pillows contributed to the color and luneliness of the hook.

New light sources

The bright curtains glide in the whole and the interior designer’s new floor plan. Previously, the base lighting was integrated into the curtain boards over the large windows.

Now spotter was put on the ceiling as well as good reading light. The antique chandelier over the dining table was retained.

Functional color selection

The dimmed color scheme allows art and antique furniture to come true.

-Flowers and materials work equally well for most colors, whether you choose to complement with warm-colored pillows or if the residents want to go to the cold side of the scale such as light blue, which is also great for gray-brown , says the interior architect.

Self-esteem is well-established

The residents are pleased with the color scheme and not least that most of the furniture was kept.

The launch would have been more expensive if we had not done so much ourselves. We feel we have had a lot of living space, “says Rolf and Mariann Kihlman.

Interior Architects Tips

  • Picture Wall: It’s a good idea to collect more smaller works of art within a defined area. Use masking tape to find out how to place the images. Then it’s easy to adjust while not marking.
  • New furniture: Feel free to choose a modern textile for an old piece of furniture. But try to choose a text with pattern and color that is not too time-consuming.
  • Textiles, wallpaper, and paint choices: Take samples home and look at them in the right context with colors to be retained. Paint a test smoke before starting. Hang up a wallpaper test on the wall and consider it at a distance. Colors tend to appear darker than you first thought when you get them away .
See the living room before and after

HERITABLE FURNITURE. The dining room from 1860 has Mariann herself retired. New carpet from JAB. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

This cost the transformation

See the living room before and after

COLLECTION. It is a good idea to collect more images within an area. A clear rule is that there is more air under the image collection than above, recommends the interior designer. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

See the living room before and after

DETAIL. Specially ordered cords match the fabric from Bo Service. Substance from JAB. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Parquet, kr 12. 600

Lists, $ 1500

Tiles, glue and sealant, NOK 750

Carpet, dining room, kr 3500

Carpet, crockery, kr 3700

Materials, paint, sparkel etc. , kr 2700

Wallpaper, $ 3000

Spotter, $ 8000

Reading Lamp, kr 1750

Wheelchair, fabric, kr 3000

Dining room, fabric, kr 3700

Curtain Hanging, $ 2200

Curtains, kr 3000

Coffee table and TV bench, NOK 8950

Cushion, golden, $ 500

Electricity work, kr 12. 150

Total, $ 71. 000

Tips and furnishings living room

Kitchen was new

80. 000 NOK in difference between the living rooms


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