See the coolest finishes

We’ve found out the finest skills for you and give you tips on where to find them.

See the coolest finishes

See the coolest finishes

The house of sport Sport from Pinc Photo: Produentent

Modern skill box

Ferdighus need not be boring. Several manufacturers always offer variants with modern urban character:


Moment Funkus

Home Partner


System House

Hellvik House

Norwegian House

Wondering if a prefabricated house can be exciting should you take a look at a manufacturer of prefabricated houses in Sweden, Pinc House.

Pinc House is a modern, minimalist house in concrete or wood, and all houses are available with low-energy solutions.

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The houses prefabricate 60-65 percent in Sweden. Then they are taken to the site and the rest of the house is completed in Norway in 2-3 days.

Pinc thinks holistic and also delivers decorative packages, if the customer so wishes. Among other things, there are kitchen and tiles from Italy.

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With a favorable Swedish course and Swedish working hours of 60 per cent of the construction process, the price may be lucky for Norwegians who wish to trade in Sweden. Kjell Andersson from Pinc tells that the price of shipping is not greater for Norway:

– We are in Dalarna, so if we ship to Stockholm or Oslo, it will not cost anything any more, “he says.”

For inspiration

A trend-setting and inspiring skill overview is also available at has collected over 50 modern architectural skills in its service. In the overview of the selection it is clear that prefabricated houses can be both modern and groundbreaking.

At Prefabs you will see homes that are not only modern in the expression, but also in the designs made for environmental and resource saving.

The houses they convey are designed to save the most energy, and the production process is also resource-saving.

On the Prefabs page you get overview, photos and contact information for all manufacturers.

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Norwegian skills camp

In the list on the right you will see an overview of some suppliers of craft houses in Norway.

Momenta, however, is not like traditional manufacturing manufacturers offering complete packages.

“We are not building ready-made, but architectural-based specialty houses prefabricated,” says Geir Nygaard, CEO of Momenta, to

We do not draw or build houses for “most people”, but for clients who want something special with high quality, where architecture and design are an important criterion for the customer, he emphasizes in an email.

The Swedish company Willa Nordic is doing detailed design and manufacturing building elements for Momenta, at its own factory in Sweden. Building materials, furnishings and equipment for the projects also come from Willa Nordic.

Check Quality

If you wonder if the prefabricated house you like is customized and approved for Norwegian conditions, please contact Sintef Byggforsk.

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