See the big transformation

Thus, the bathroom became larger and functional by building a bathroom and a toilet.

See the big transformation

See the big transformation

10 simple tips for a better bath

See the big transformation

Tiles, vinyl or wet room paint?

The starting point for the drastic transformation was a desire to make the bathroom bigger. The strategy was to merge a tiny bathroom with a smaller toilet.

The benefits are obvious: by slamming the wall between the two rooms, space was released and they got a functional bath.

The three-child family already had a relief bath downstairs, and therefore did not fear the consequences of placing washbasins, showers and restrooms in the same room.

Black stripes on the bathroom floor

The family had sought help from Bonytt’s interior engineering service, and was given assistance to his project by interior designer MNIL Beba Vaxevanidou-Holøyen.

As the pictures reveal, much more has been done here than just tearing a wall.

The most eye-catching change is the barcode pattern on the floor.

– It seemed a little crazy with black stripes on the floor, but we took the chance. When the tiles started to come in, we saw that it was fine, “said the residents.

The interior designer was given free space and took advantage of the opportunity to challenge the residents.

Barcode pattern can give a big countdown, but must know what to do before throwing over the puzzle:

The bathroom floor must be added with precision

– The pattern must be arranged, but not completely symmetrical. It gives dynamism and prevents the expression from getting boring and dead, “says the interior designer.

See the big transformation

PLACEMENT EFFICIENT: The shower walls can be folded inwards and release floor space when the shower is not in use. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

See the big transformation

BEFORE AND AFTER: Bathroom and toilet were in adjoining rooms and were merged into a larger bathroom. The bath was sacrificed. Photo: Drawing: Beba Vaxevanidou-Holoy

See the big transformation

DISH WEIGHT: The toilet is attached to the half partition. This way the toilet is not so prominent in the new bathroom. The cistern is located inside the partition. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Therefore, both the white and the black strips are of different widths.

In addition, such a mosaic pattern offers technical challenges.

High precision and knowledge about laying tiles on the floor is required.

– The tiles must be accurately laid on the millimeter to make the result successful, says the interior designer.

Striper creates room feel

The strings have not only decorative tasks. They also affect the feeling of space.

– The strips extend in the longitudinal direction of the room, thus increasing the length of the bathroom. However, if the strips had been made the other way, the width of the room would have been reinforced.

But what’s the point of accentuating the longitudinal direction?

The purpose was to tie the zones together, do not divide them apart. The interior designer had placed a half-wall where the wall between the two adjoining rooms had stood.

See the big transformation

BADCODE: The barcode pattern gives the bathroom distinctive features. Wall-mounted worktop letter cleaning and leaving the floor ready. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Two zones: one for wash, toothpick and storage and one for shower and shower

Interior Architects Tips

  • An alternative to traditional black and white bath can be achieved using pattern: Mosaic tiles provide a wealth of decorative possibilities; stripes, circles, flowers, etc..
  • A wall-mounted toilet does not necessarily have to be mounted on one of the four walls of the room. The toilet can also function as a room divider.
  • Do not overdo the color usage. Use two colors that contrast each other and stick to them. It gives a strong, visual impression.

Source: Studio Beba V. Holøyen

Therefore, in order to create an impression of a divided space, it was desirable to associate the zones together with the two zones.

See the big transformation

ORGANIC IMPROVEMENT: The flower-patterned worktop in laminate softens the slightly strict expression. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

– We could allow ourselves to insert such a partition as long as we extend the room visually with the use of stripes, the interior architect believes.

Shielding Wall

The choice of a half partition is unusual, but has its obvious advantages:

– The toilet bowl should not be the first one to meet when entering the door. By placing the toilet where it originally stood, we also left to change unnecessarily on the pipeline.

This solution provides shielding without stealing too much space.

The upper part of the half wall is also open – as an additional window in the room.

To ensure good lighting conditions in the bathroom while preventing sight lines.

See the big transformation

WIND IN THE WALL: To maintain sight lines and increase the flow of light, the upper part of the half-wall is open. Here are glass shelves for storing decorative items of use. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen


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