See the architect’s dream home

The world’s 30 most promising young architects have made their dream homes.

See the architect's dream home

On behalf of the British design magazine Wallpaper, 30 promising architectural offices have made models of what they think is the ideal home.

Among the 30 architectural offices invited to create their favorite theme, was also the Norwegian MIR.

Your contribution to Wallpapers Architect Overview 2009 is a “puzzle house”, which is concentrated around a main module, shaped like a beam. The idea is that it can be built on rooms as the needs of the family increase or change. (See the top image of the case).

Australian Phorm is concerned that the construction of the warehouse should take into account the location, so they designed a blank before they contributed to the optimal house.

A loggia (overlayed gallery / gallery) is the main element of their building, which has no glass in the structure.

Antonio Cardillo from Italy has inspired Moroccan garden gardens and has created a house where a large open patio is the main theme.

See the architect's dream home

Phorm’s contribution. Photo: Manufacturers

Moomoo Architects from Poland made a model of a house with 360 degree views.

The first floor looks like it hangs in the air. Walls on the ground floor can be pushed and create new rooms.

See the architect's dream home

The contribution to Antonio Cardillo. Photo: Manufacturers

The Office of Irish Tierney Haynes has made a model of a house facing south. The interior is terraced and the floors are smaller in height, so the main room is the room on the ground floor.

The X Architects from Austria wants to inspire to “pimp up” your roof. The starting point is a flat roofed house where the architects have created a separate room over the house.

See all contributions to “Architects Directory 2009”.

See the architect's dream home

Moomoo Architects. Photo: Manufacturers

Would you stay in one of these houses? Write what you mean in the comments box below the case.

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See the architect's dream home

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See the architect's dream home

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