See grandmother’s modern house

It is not the age it affects. Grandmother of 81 is immersed in the modern house.

See grandmother's modern house

See grandmother's modern house

CLOSED: The facade facing the highway is closed. Here the core family and grandmother have their own entrance. Photo: Espen Grønli

See grandmother's modern house

OPEN BACK: The back of the house is equipped with large windows facing the countryside and the building area by the way. Photo: Espen Grønli

See grandmother's modern house

Dream home on minitomt

See grandmother's modern house

Looking for architect?

See grandmother's modern house

Find the white color matching

See grandmother's modern house

Closes for neighbors, opens up to the forest

I was the youngest in a young party of eleven, so I’m used to having it easy

It may not be so common for one born in 1929 to live like this, says Liv Eines, 81,.

She lives in an architectural house with her daughter and her family. The house is not necessarily time-consuming, but it is definitely modern.

The wall panel consists of white-painted osb-plates, and the floor is made of concrete.

Most storage solutions are space-based.

– My peer friends think it’s nice, but also a bit cheeky. They wonder if I can not decide anything myself. We looked at a new kitchen that was supposed to be more in my taste, but my daughter thought I was going to destroy the house by putting in foreign bodies. I agree with this now, says Liv.

Wanted for simplicity

In her half of the first floor, she has a living room with kitchen and sofa bed, private entrance and private bathroom. The two units are separated by a sliding door, which is mostly open.

In spite of some coarse pine furniture and a coffee shop in Nyrokokko, Liv’s turf has a modern radiance.

– I sometimes wonder why I feel so good. Maybe it’s because everything is so simple here and that it seems familiar to me. I was the youngest in a young party of eleven, so I’m used to having it easy.

Life’s zone is in the south end of the house, and it’s she who gets the sun first.

– I’ve always liked it open and think it’s delicious without curtains. Many respond to just that, but I prefer to be able to look. We’ll probably get some kind of sunshade soon, but it’s not gonna be a curtain. Then I will not follow what the flag of Norway is doing, “says Liv.

Close to nature

Although the house is located on a particular plot, on a slope just a few steps away from the country’s heaviest motorway, the residents have a nice view of nature and wildlife out there.

The house faces the back of the traffic jam, and the large windows on the back give residents the experience of living in the middle of the forest.

See grandmother's modern house

GENERAL DAMAGE: The passage between the grandmother’s living room and the core family’s home can be closed with a sliding door. But for the most part it is open. Photo: Espen Grønli

The way the little ugly plot is tamed shows how architecture can have almost magic power.

See grandmother's modern house

IMPLEMENTED PALETTE: Eli Eines works as an artist and is concerned that the color tones fit together, also on kitchen shelves. Photo: Espen Grønli

This cost the house

Building costs: approx. NOK 2.5 million.

Empty: approx. $ 450,000

Architectural fees: approx. $ 150,000

Total usage area: 153 m2.

Total gross area: 168 m2.

The house measures 12 x 7 m and runs over two floors.

Architect is Lars Lantto, see www.

The power did not exist the skills catalogs, the residents thought, which ended with architect Lars Lantto to find solutions to their needs.

Special Needs

Both Eli Eines and Roald Amlien are artists and wanted a large studio that both could work at the same time. In addition, Elis mother, Liv, should live under the same roof.

– We could live in many types of houses and are not really demanding. But when we first built, we could as well make sure we got the way we wanted. Therefore, we looked for someone who had sensitivity to materials and was used to working within tight budget frameworks, “said Eli.

The result became a distinctive and custom house for a relatively low price.

Necessity as a quality

The house cost 3.1 million including the plot and is nearly 170 square meters.

The architect believes that the reason why no more houses of this type are built, the characteristic of low cost is that many want the house to look a bit expensive and fashionable.

– And we architects are also characterized by it. I myself try to focus on the timeless. More and more are becoming interested in design and architecture and are looking forward to keeping track of time. Occasionally, this will be a waste of waste. Often, I see that solutions are thought to be “aesthetically correct”, but end up with something that is preconceived, impersonal and often of poor quality.

Lantto finds that soberness can get a new renaissance, and he thinks that it may be appealing.

See grandmother's modern house

KEY AND VARIOUS: Bench plate and spray zone consist of so-called fiber cement panels, a durable concrete material mixed with wood fiber. Photo: Espen Grønli

– This project shows that you do not have to build expensive to achieve quality. With simple, reasonable grips you can still create architecture that creates a good framework around everyday life. I think people today are building big houses, says Lantto.

People today build for big houses


The constructive elements of the house consist of standard lengths. It is resource-saving and more economical.

Otherwise, the materials are partially selected from the bottom shelf: The floor is in unpaved concrete and the walls and ceilings are dressed in osb-plates, a reasonable material of residual chips.

To illuminate the plates they are laserized with a mixture of powdered stone and binder. According to the architect, the surface will be heated in an appealing way, as opposed to, for example, plasterboard.

The furniture is mostly used shopping and heritage. However, some extra money has been added to fixed lighting, which often gives a great visual countdown.

See grandmother's modern house

EVERYTHING: The furniture is inherited, the wallboards are reasonable osb plates. The commuters of Louis Poulsen, however, are not among the most expensive. Photo: Espen Grønli

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See grandmother's modern house

WORKROOM WITH DAY LIST: The studio has a generous ceiling height and a spectacular light. Photo: Espen Grønli

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