Save 600,000 with own effort

Check what you need to investigate before jumping on a good deal at the fairway.

Save 600,000 with own effort

Save 600,000 with own effort

READ NEXT: Anders Øie, entrepreneur and co-owner of Recommend people to read the delivery list carefully. Photo: Nicklas Svendsrud

Ferdighus has long been modern and can be customized as desired. They can be both very simple and very individual, depending on how much you add the standard package. Therefore, they can also end up being both relatively reasonable and fairly costly.

What should you really count on is included in the price quoted in the price list?

The short answer is: There is no fasit.

A little longer answer is:

– In most price lists there are roofs, roof tiles, windows, doors, insulation, balanced ventilation, internal staircases, internal pipelines and electrical works, and everything else that makes the house meet the requirements of the building regulations TEK10, “says Anders Øie, entrepreneur and co-owner of, an independent consumer portal for Norwegians who want to build housing.

– Kitchen, closet, toilet and washbasin are often also included. The houses are usually delivered and insurance for the house during the construction period should be included, says Øie.

Since there is no common standard on what will accompany a finishing house, what is included in the price lists will vary.

– There may be a difference between the price in the price lists and the final price of the entire project. But everything is specified in the contract / delivery description, so it is important to read this carefully.

Most vendors allow you to add and subtract products and services, so the final price is known only after the house vendor has calculated exactly on your house.

Painted house less finished than turnkey houses

Some companies operate with the terms “painstakingly” and “turnkey houses”.

A painted house contains less than a turnkey house, and the price is therefore also thereafter.

For a painted house you may have to pay extra for any of the following: interior and exterior paint / sparkling, parquet / flooring / floor coverings, tiles / bath covers, bath / shower enclosure / shower cubicle, lamps, fireplaces / ovens and appliances, says Øie. External stairs, railings and superstructures are also not necessarily included in the standard delivery, unless specified.

If the house is “turnkey” you can expect that all of the interior work is included so that the house can be moved straight into. As a rule, some fixed fixtures also come with, but here you can add and subtract products and services.

– Prices are often based on simple standard solutions. Our impression is that as good as everyone does some upgrades, “says Øie.

Price lists on the finish line

Save 600,000 with own effort

FERDIGHYT: The price for this cabin “” set up is “1”. 540. 000, while the turnkey price is 2. 140. 000 – 600. 000 kroner in difference. Photo: Kim Erik Sundal

It confirms Pål Østby, general manager of Idéhus Romerike. Their price list is “ready for paint” prices.

NB before you buy a skill box

Read the shipping description carefully!

Set up your budget and get at all costs.

Compare more offers before deciding on supplier.

If you want to upgrade the house standard, but have limited budget, choose to upgrade the more “durable” solutions that are hard to replace afterwards (designs, floors, doors, tiles) rather than the more time-limited products you can exchange if You get better advice (appliances, fixtures, sunshades etc. ).

Choose solid Norwegian house suppliers who know Norwegian conditions and produce the houses according to TEK10.

Source: Anders Øie, ferdø

– All the houses we build for customers are customized in one way or another, we shrink and extend the entire house, move walls, change room solutions until we have a solution the customer is satisfied with, “he says.

Kim Erik Sundal, general manager of Skarhus Produksjon AS points to the difference between a recently built cabin on Firifjell. The price for “ready-made” cabin is 1. 540. 000, while the turnkey price is 2. 140. 000 – 600. 000 kroner in difference.

However, it will also be possible to save money by going for the “pre-set” price and taking care of the management of the building itself.

– At this cabin you could save 100-150-000 below, “Sundal says.

Of course, there are no upgrades.

Morten Helland in Hetlandshus, on the other hand, draws an example of a so-called “Wageberget” house, where the price is given for turnkey houses.

The only thing you need to do to move in is to put parquet, sparkle and paint, he says.

To get 1. floor placement will cost about 65. 000-75. 000, depending on self-interest. Costs to accommodate 2. floor must also be considered.

What extra costs should you expect?

Unless otherwise specified, you must calculate extra costs for digging / landscaping and connection fees to the municipality for water / sewage. If groundwash / disc is not included, it may cost from $ 100,000 to $ 300,000 based on size / scope / terrain.

Save 600,000 with own effort

KEYWORD: If the house is delivered turnkey, all you need to do is move in to put the parquet, sparkle and paint. This “” Saloon Mountain “” house will cost about 2. 100. 000, – depending on self-interest on floor and sparkling / paint. Photo: Illustration: Hetlandhus

The prices of basic work vary according to the basic conditions, and can range from $ 150,000 on single plots to $ 600-700,000 on difficult plots where you need to blow or run masses on or off, “says Øie..

In order not to make it easier to get an overview, prices will also vary considerably from where in Norway you are. Connection costs to the municipality also vary from municipality to municipality. Often the price is set per m2, so large houses get bigger connection fee than small ones.

– As an example, the fee in Bærum municipality is approximately. 141.25 kr per m2 (140 kr / m2 for water and 140 kr / m2 for drain), so a house of 200 m2 will cost 56,500 kr to connect to municipal water / drain, says Øie.

Independent control, stabbing, engineering, building flow and construction work can also be included as additional costs unless otherwise specified.

– This can quickly cost $ 50,000 in total, he says.

Do the work yourself

Is it at all possible to stay within the price list? Yes, says Øie, and emphasizes that the price list is based on some standard solutions and that the difference is how much is included and how much has to be done.

– If you make a lot of effort and handle standard solutions, it is possible to reach goals with the entire house project at prices down to those found as starting price in the price lists, he says.

Save 600,000 with own effort

NEST 1 MILL DIFFERENT: This “” Høgeloft “” house from Idéhus costs clear to paint 2. 585. 000, – and comes turnkey at about 3. 500. 000, – Photo: Illustration: Idéhus

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