Save 25,000 on laundry aid

Some laundry companies are more than twice as expensive as the cheapest.

Save 25,000 on laundry aid

Tips for ordering laundry

  • Specify how thorough washing you want. Most companies operate with either simple, standard wash or more thorough washing.
  • Price is largely the size of your home and business. Some have and different prices for homes with many residents, children or pets. If the price is given per hour, ask how many hours they expect to spend on your home.
  • Check if transport costs are included or in addition to the specified price.

If you want to use laundry aid, do not use the first and best company you find on yellow pages.

When we called a selection of companies in the Oslo area, we were definitely confirmed that it pays off with a caller to more than one company.

While the cheapest option we cost is less than $ 800 for laundry every 14 days, the most expensive option is $ 1900.

This amounts to just over $ 25,000 in difference when using laundry aid for a year.

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Standard wash of 100m2

We called seven cleaning companies in Oslo and Akershus, and asked for the following service:

Cleaning every 14 days to standard wash of apartment of 100 square meters. The apartment has two bedrooms and one bathroom and is located in Oslo. The apartment is simply furnished and features parquet floors and tiled bathrooms.

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Below you can read the prices we received from the different cleaning companies.

These prices are quoted with VAT, and include transportation and all equipment.

Tip: Double check if prices you provide are with or without VAT. VAT is 25 percent, which is added to the base price.

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Røsjøs Cleaning Service


1916 NOK including VAT for standard laundry every 14 days.

Røsjøs Cleaning Service online

Lise Cleaning


1150 – 1250 NOK including VAT for standard laundry every 14 days. The most expensive option applies when a child lives in the apartment.

Lise Web Cleaning

Renholdspartner Øst AS


1050 kroner including VAT for standard laundry every 14 days.

Cleaning Partner East AS Online

Reiduns Renhold


£ 937.5 including VAT for standard laundry every 14 days.

Reiduns Clean Online

City Maid Hjemmeservice AS


800- 950 NOK including VAT for standard laundry every 14 days. The number of residents, livestock and the like determines the price within this price range.

City Maid Hjemmeservice AS online

Mayas Cleaning Agency


875 kroner including VAT for standard wash every 14 days.

Contact Maya Cleaning Agency here

Active Cleaning


Starting price 762.5 NOK including VAT for standard laundry every 14 days. This applies to washing up to 2 hours, possibly. 356 krone per hour beyond this.

Active Web Cleaning

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