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Save 2000 power crowns in 2 minutes

Do you want cheaper power? A switch of power supplier is easy and you can save over two thousand kroner.

Save 2000 power crowns in 2 minutes

Save 2000 power crowns in 2 minutes

Norway’s most energy-efficient building?

Save 2000 power crowns in 2 minutes

See Asbjørn save the climate

Save 2000 power crowns in 2 minutes

Now your house will be rated

Power and energy consumption engage us when the cold deposits.

If you have the same power provider you’ve always had, you’ve probably missed many thousands of flaps.

– If you have never switched your power provider before, the probability is high for having an expensive supplier, “says Martin Skaug Halsos, Communications Adviser, Click Clicks.. no.

According to statistics from Statistics Norway, spot prices have been the current electricity supply agreement that has given the most favorable electricity price over the last ten years (see Graphics further down).

According to the Competition Authority’s stock exchange for week 38 (2010), it divides 11.5 øre on the lowest and highest electricity prices.

For a home with a yearly consumption of 20,000 kWh, it means a saving of over 2,000 kroner. In addition, if you do some savings, the winnings can be doubled quickly.

Easy to switch supplier of power

“Loyal Norwegians throw money through the window,” proclaimed head of Consumer Council, Randi Flesland, in 2010.

She could tell that very few Norwegians consider switching power supplier, despite the fact that a vendor exchange is very easy and the gain in the Trumpeter class.

When you are in the Competition Authority’s Power Exchange, and found the cheapest provider, the supplier switch for power is completed in a few minutes.

Check the agreement

According to the Competition Authority, there are two things to be aware of when switching supplier of power:

  • Make sure you actually order the product you want and check the payment terms, write the review on their web pages.
  • Check your payment information before signing up. Someone has payment terms that may affect the actual price you pay for the feed. Also pay attention to additional administration fee for customer service or giro.
  • Prepayments and annual fixed payments may have some disadvantages. For example, if a supplier goes bankrupt, the customer risks losing prepaid amounts, writes the Competition Authority.

It happened, among other things, with many customers of the company Vitel. After Vitel went bankrupt, the company sent final invoice with prepayment to its customers.

However, it is also uncertain what you get from prepaid amounts if you switch supplier.

Fixed or floating rate of power?

In general, it has been that floating electricity prices have been more favorable than fixed prices, if they ignore the short periods in which the electricity price rises sharply.

But it is precisely against such price caps that a fixed price is a good insurance to have.

“If you want to make sure that the power bill is unexpectedly high for a settlement period, and at the same time willing to pay a little more on average over a longer period of time to make sure you do not get that high bill” According to the Competition Authority’s assessment, a fixed price must be chosen.

Save 2000 power crowns in 2 minutes

FASTER POWER? The graph shows how the annual price of electricity prices has been since 1999. Spot price (violet) has consistently been the most favorable one, while the standard variable price (turquoise) until 2007 has exceeded the other agreement variants. The production is based on figures from Statistics Norway. Photo: Graphics:

– A fixed-price agreement may make sense for those who want predictability in their household accounts, adds Skaug Halsos.

Power Flow

If you have decided to go for a floating electricity price, you’ll find a new choice above;

Spotprice with premium or default variable price.

According to the Norwegian Competition Authority, in the last two years there have been small differences between these two types of agreements, yet with a perk plus plus the spot price.

The most important thing is therefore to make sure that you have one of the cheapest deals within the product type you choose, emphasizes the supervision.

Check current agreement

An alternative to switching power provider may be to check the current agreement to check if the vendor has other, more favorable deals.

– It’s not a particularly favorable strategy to never check the deal you have, emphasizes Skaug Halsos, who is advised to spend a weekend reviewing power consumption and checking what prices and deals exist.

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