Same kitchen at half price

We have compared prices for kitchen, based on white, high gloss and foil-coated MDF model.

Same kitchen at half price

This is how we compared

The purpose of the price setting was to compare on the most similar basis. We therefore assumed flat-packed kitchen solutions in MDF (wood fiber boards) high gloss (white).

We wanted prices for the following decor:

  • 3 overcap (wall cabinet), two with a width of 80 cm (two doors) and one with a width of 60 cm (one door)
  • 4 bottom cabinet (table cabinet), wood with 40 cm width drawers and 60 cm wide washbasin
  • 1 corner cabinet with carousel
  • 2 high cabinet with shelf plates 40 cm wide
  • 1 cabinets for fridge / freezer with two doors

In addition, there were feet and legs.

Some suppliers did not have hinges and dampers included in the hull price. For these prices are stated separately.

We selected well-known kitchen suppliers who deliver flat-packed.

The combination is based solely on price. Materials such as quality, ecolabelling, availability, furniture facts, ISO certification, brand quality and assortment are not considered. However, these conditions should be considered when purchasing a kitchen fitting.

All suppliers either offered a price quote based on our specifications or were able to verify the prices in the aftermath.

We have contacted five suppliers of kitchen appliances – IKEA, HTH, Designa, Epoq and Kvik – to compare prices.

IKEA came the best price, while Kvik ended at the other end.

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How we compare prices

Our comparison is based only on price.

Quality has not been a parameter in this context.

There is reason to assume that the quality of sponges, trays, cushions and hinges will vary between suppliers.

In addition, there are also criteria such as ecolabelling, accessibility, furniture facts, ISO certification, brand quality and assortment.

This has not been taken into account in this comparison test.

We have also not compared design and style expressions.

The kitchen type we compared is white foil-coated mdf (fibreboard), high gloss.

We selected well-known kitchen suppliers who deliver flat-packed.

Cost of assembly is not included in the price.

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Basis of Comparison

We have priced out of the decor in the picture above. The image is only meant as an illustration of a thoughtful kitchen.

We gave the suppliers the task of pricing a kitchen consisting of three high cabins (one for fridge / freezer), three overhead cabinets (wall cabinet), three regular cabinet cabinets and a sink cabinet.

We asked for a price on hulls with fronts (doors and drawers), but did not feed beyond standard.

The dimensions of the sections priced in the test are not entirely identical to the dimensions of the sections in the image above, but all vendors prices are based on the same dimensions (see pricing calculations).

It was based on kitchen with white, foil-coated, high gloss front in MDF material.

We note that other types of kitchen from the same suppliers can give completely different results in a similar price test.

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How to choose a kitchen

This compilation is based solely on price, but the choice of kitchen should also be based on other criteria.

Before you start contacting your resellers, it may make sense to decide how the new kitchen should look. How many people can work in the kitchen at the same time? Should there be a dining area in connection with the kitchen? Should the kitchen also be used as a living room. Are there any special requests for technical equipment?

On the website of the Danish Consumer Authorities, there is a detailed review of how a kitchen is chosen.

It is also important that you get the help you need from the supplier.

Check as well as how good suppliers are on customer service.

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The different providers have different warranty terms.

IKEA has 25 years warranty on its kitchen utensils. The warranty covers material and production defects.

HTH operates with multiple warranties. They have a general 10-year warranty on functional parts. They also have an environmental guarantee, which means that the kitchen has been tested for the separation of gases and odors from a variety of different substances.

Kvik also operates with a 10 year warranty, which includes all moving parts (hinges, drawers, extractors and casseroles). For cabinet doors and hulls, the 5-year guarantee of production defect is given.

Design provides 25 year warranty on all moving parts.

Epoq has 10 years of functional warranty on cabinets, surfaces, moldings, doors and drawer fronts, hinges and drawer and drawer systems. Dishwashers have a 5 year warranty, and the mixer has a 5 year warranty against drip. For other products there are 3 years’ right of complaint in accordance with the recommendations of the Consumer Council.

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