Saga is so good that the tester would not return it

One was so good that the testers would not return it, another failed to load.

Saga is so good that the tester would not return it

While our busy carpenters tested handcuffs and carpenters, they also tested the new tool series for Black & Decker.

They have created their own toolbar that is more focused on the professional segment. In practice, it means that this is a tool that suits the amateur who caresses a lot and who would like to buy pro tools.


The tools we have tested are screwdrivers, barriers and small bayonet saws in the compact 10.8V series. In addition, we tested the network powered bayonet case. Everything was delivered to Mats Eriksen and Johan W. Schioldborg, respectively, carpenter / construction technician and apprentice at carpenter Kjetil Eriksen.


The tools have been tested since last autumn and have been used for all types of jobs. Scores range from one to six where six are best. Normally, the points range from two to five, only in very special cases, we divide one or six.

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HPL10RSK Small bayonet case

This story would not give the testers back. Simply because it is very handy.

– We use it for all kinds of small tasks, whether it’s to cloak different types of pipes, or small wood chopping. On the smaller tasks, it is a nice alternative to the big bayonet saga, which is more manageable. It’s also nice when you’re going to sway in twisted places or work in height.


Ergonomics are good, the possibility of angling the shaft is okay, but nothing we’ve used a lot. It has rubber ring in the right places and buttons and switches are well placed. The blade change is okay and toolless.


History is suitable for sporadic cutting of smaller dimensions and pipes of all types. The heavy jobs where you get intensive use over time will be too much for this saga.

Build Quality

There is no point in postponing building quality during the test period. The material selection otherwise seems fine.


LED worklight illuminates the area when working

Adjustable Leaflet

Toolless Leaflet

Voltage: 10.8V

Stroke / stroke length: 0-3000 stroke / min and 16 mm stroke length

Battery: 1.3 Ah Lithium Ion Battery

30 minutes with power save mode

Price: $ 1399

RS1050EK Bajonettsag 1050 W variable speed

A bayonet case causes many tough tasks In a carpentry company that carries a lot of rehabilitation. It also applies to this saga, and that test did not exist. After two to three weeks of intense use, it bowed below.


Good ergonomics with adjustable side handles, rubber ring in the right places. Toolless blade change works well and a fine detail with adjustable saw feet.

Build Quality

Should this be considered a professional case, do not keep the building quality goals. Are you hobbysnekker, it’s important that you manage to expose the saga for the loads we have given it.


Power: 1050 W

Voltage: 230 V

Speed: Variable

Battle: 800-2400 / min

Stroke Length: 28mm

Blade length: 305 mm

Price: $ 1099

Stroke 10.8 V Ultra Compact Li-Ion HPL10IMKB / Drill 10.8 V Ultra Compact 2 Provides HPL106KB

It is to be said that a beater and a 10.8 V drill is not the tool that gets the hardest at a carpenter.

– Should the knocker come out, it’s because we’re going in with the big screws, and then it’s 18 volts that matter, says Mads Eriksen. In other words, it becomes too small with a 10.8 volt machine even if it is a beater. The same goes for the screwdriver.


This does not mean that these are bad machines, on the contrary. There is a lot here like a professional machine.

Both machines have the same body and operation, the drill has torque setting and two gears.

With the battery in the grip there will always be a lot to keep around, but the machines are in good hand with good balance. Buttons and switches are easy to come to and the machines have rubber in the right places.


In relation to the size, the beater is a small power rack. The torque of 107 Nm is close to the Bosch professional machines in the same class. The windshield also keeps pace with the competitors with a torque of 14/27 Nm. These are not the machines you should use when turning a whole terrace, even with a 30-minute quick charger, but for more occasional use, keep the batteries at 1.3 Ah away.

Build Quality

The baler has a metal girth with a rubber cap on the front. The choice of materials and the general impression otherwise seem perfectly fine. The same applies to the drill.

Shredder Specifications:

Voltage 10. 8 V

Battery Type Lithium Ion

Capacity 1. 3 Amp

Charging time 30 minutes

Chuck Hexfeste

Clutch Mechanism 0-2,500 s / min

Max. capacity – three 25 mm

Max. capacity – metal 10 and more

Speed ​​unloaded 0-2,400 rpm. / Min

Max. torque 107 Nm

Drill specifications:

Voltage 10. 8 V

Battery Type Lithium Ion

Capacity 1. 3 Amp

Charging time 30 minutes

Chuck Hurtigchuck

Chuck size 10 mm

Clutch positions 20 + 1

Drill Max. capacity – three 25 mm max. capacity – metal 10 mm

Speed ​​unloaded 0-315 / 0-1,200 rpm. / Min

Cases Yes

Max. vrimoment 14/27 Nm

Price: HPL101MKB 1399 NOK / HPL106KB: 1299 NOK


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