Ryobi LSD-1201

Slow middle way.

Ryobi LSD-1201

In short:

Ryobi LSD-1201

Testing cheap and expensive drills

Battery: 12v lithium ion, 1300mAh

Weight in grams: 1030

Low / High Exchange: No

Storage: Soft Pouch

Description: Medium, easy drill with regular chuck.


Producer Price 1000


In many ways, medium, both in terms of size, price and performance. The format of the machine itself is appropriate big but the battery design takes place and the battery slips a lot.

The low speed makes the drilling slow. On the other hand, ergonomics and workflow are good, and the weight is also on a good level. Ryobi, however, can not hamper more expensive models when it comes to quality and capacity at the same time as it is significantly more expensive than the very cheapest. A battery does not extend far and the charger has a constant beep.

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