Ryobi EJ 600

This was the outsiders, the cheapest and easiest story.

Ryobi EJ 600

In short:

Ryobi EJ 600

SKRUE: Tighten screw with cross-groove on the base does not quite match the rest of the saga. Photo: Øivind Lie

Ryobi EJ 600

SYMBOLS: The steps on the pendulum layout are illustrated with symbols. Photo: Øivind Lie

We like this:

Good view of the magazine. Single sheet change. Simple and explanatory setting of tilting function.

Good results on veneer, sponge and plastic. Good result on cutting curves in thick tables.

We do not like this:

Bad effect. Bad tilting function. Screw with cross-section on base setting.

Poor cutting capacity of straight cut in thick table and steel cutting.


Power: 600W

Speed ​​Variable Battle: 800 – 3000 / min

Toolless Leaf Mount: Yes

Angled cut: 0-45 °

Blowhole: No

Spongesug: Yes

Cut depth – wood: 70 mm

Cut depth – steel: 6 mm

Bags: Bags


Producer Ryobi Price 599


Our character

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