Rural in the drabant block

Nine Jentoft Træland has created a completed country style in the block apartment at Stovner in Oslo.

Rural in the drabant block

Rural in the drabant block

BONDE: How to become an ordinary, boring white kitchen for a rural dream! Photo: Find photo / John Løvås

Rural in the drabant block

Smart reuse tips

Rural in the drabant block

Styled on low budget

Rural in the drabant block

– How did we refurbish the old wooden house

Rural in the drabant block

New kitchen at low cost

Interior style is a very personal matter, and it is not certain that a flat apartment must have an urban style.

It’s a good idea to create the style you want with simple means and get crowns, says Nine Jentoft Træland.

BoligDrøm became aware of the cool housing, located on Finn. no, and had to blog about it.

Simple grip

It’s relatively simple grip that has transformed the block apartment into a rural dream.

First of all, everything is painted white and the ceiling is high.

The floor has gray coatings from Ikea, also with high gloss.

– I’ve done everything myself and think it should be like that, says Nine Jentoft Træland.

Her advice is to make the most of what she has, with simple means and relatively little money.

Finds furniture all over

Nine has now put his home out for sale.

– I’ll start working abroad, besides, I’m single and want to go to the center again in the long term, she explains.

In her apartment, one can see that style is not dependent on budget. It’s all about clever furnishing.

– I find furniture everywhere, especially in the Majorstua area, a treasure chamber! Auctions, Finn. no and many trips to Sweden also help, describes Nine.

Rural in the drabant block

LOPPER: Nine Jentoft Træland finds furniture everywhere, not just in interior stores. Containers, auctions and used markets are favorite places, especially in Sweden. Photo: Siri Møller

Interior Experience

Rural in the drabant block

NEWWORK: Do you have a dull bath? Doing something about it, says Nine Jentoft Træland, who you mean by simple means, raises your apartment from trust to trendy. Photo: Find photo / John Løvås Photo: Photo Find photo / John Løvås

Nine is not a newcomer in the interior world, and it is apparent in her apartment.

Her summer house has been featured in Rome 123, and this apartment has been featured in Usbl’s member magazine.

Rural and colorful

The apartment is 51 square meters, nicely divided into two rooms and kitchen.

A completely standard, white kitchen, which Nine has done beautifully and beautifully.

Did you be tempted, it’s on the home this weekend!

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