RS1050EK Bajonettsag 1050 W variable speed

After a few weeks of intense use, this saga bowed.

In short:

RS1050EK Bajonettsag 1050 W variable speed

History is so good that the tester would not return it

A bayonet case is being driven hard in a carpentry company that carries a lot of rehabilitation. It also applies to this saga, and that test did not exist. After two to three weeks of intense use, it bowed below.


Good ergonomics with adjustable side handles, rubber ring in the right places. Toolless blade change works well and a straight detail with adjustable saw foot.

Build Quality

Should this be considered a professional case, do not keep the building quality goals. Are you hobbysnekker, it’s a lot that you’re able to expose the saga for the loads we have given it.


Power: 1050 W

Voltage: 230 V

Speed: Variable

Battle: 800-2400 / min

Stroke Length: 28mm

Blade length: 305 mm


Producer Black & Decker Price 1099


Our character

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