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Rent housing now

But if you’re away from August month and the hippest areas you can get an ok price.

Rent housing now

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Rent housing now

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Rent housing now

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Getting available homes gives higher rental rates. And there is considerable pressure in the rental market, especially in the period August to September.

Check Market

– If you plan to rent a property, you should therefore check the market now, says Communications Manager Nikolaos Farmakis in the rental broker to click. no.

Rent housing now

TRONDHEIM: This 27-square-foot apartment is located in a 6-man residence on Lademoen. Price 8000 kroner. Photo: Rental broker

The latest rental price overview for May shows that it now costs 6969 NOK per month to rent a one bedroom apartment in Oslo.

Compared with the same month last year, there is an increase of 8.7 per cent, according to figures issued by the lessor..

Worst in Trondheim

Trondheim is “staggering in class” in terms of price increases. On average, it costs NOK 9066 to rent a room. This is an increase of 25 percent compared with May 2009.

The reason is large youth cohorts, many labor immigrants, few rental homes and high prices for owner housing, says CEO Lars Aasen in the Leieboerforeningen.

Many Hunting

Aasen believes rental prices are likely to increase in the coming years.

He is supported by general manager Stine Hostad at the Trondheim rental broker, who seems sorry for the students to get such short time from the main admission to the start of the studies.

– Many people are looking for accommodation at the same time. Trondheim with its 150. 000 inhabitants plus 30. 000 students get a hectic market when one-sixth of the city’s population is going to find a place to live in four weeks.

In Bergen, the picture is the same. And the message is clear from the league team; Those who have not secured a student home by July may expect prices to rise for each week beyond.

Stay useless

By the way: Is the requirement a great apartment at a reasonable price within walking distance of a sushi restaurant, you may have a problem no matter what city you have to choose. However, if you are willing to check out elsewhere, you can find items at ok prices.

For example, at Helsfyr – Sinsen, you can get a one-bedroom apartment for NOK 6500 per month through the Rental Agent.

And on Finn. no, you can now find a torch apartment at Lambertseter in Oslo south of NOK 8500 a month.

– In general, the rent is sinking the distance from the center you arrive. But do you have to rent a place you are unsure of if you will be comfortable, make sure you have access to terminate during the rental period, Lars Aasen advises in the Leieboerforeningen.

Decreased Ads

Rent housing now

MOUNTAIN: The cheapest studios in Bergen, which are rented out via the rental agency, now amount to NOK 6500 in average. In L√łbergsveien this studio is rented for NOK 7,000 per month. Photo: Rental broker

– There is more competition for rental housing now than during the financial crisis. Then there were several who rented the house, maybe they were not sold, or wanted to splurge with income.

Now the regular housing market is good, and then there is more about the leg in the rental market, PR manager Lene Kallum says in Finn, who can confirm that there is a real decline in the number of published rental ads on Finn. no, while there are more who want to rent a home.

Written agreement

Lars Aasen in the Leieboerforening also emphasizes the importance of a written agreement. Such a standard contract can be obtained from the Leieboerforeningen, Forbrukerrådet or Huseiernes Landsforbund.

– Alternatively, you can go through a rental agent. This gives good security, but is often a bit more expensive, he says.

It is becoming more and more common that young people join forces to rent a home.

But remember: write an interview in the community that governs when the rent is to be paid, deposit, house rules, etc., says the expert councils.

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