Reasonable refurbishment of the bathroom

A small dark and dark bathroom was bright and delicious in a shabby chic style.

Reasonable refurbishment of the bathroom

Reasonable refurbishment of the bathroom

TRIST: Dark and sad before renovation. Photo: Mona Gundersen /

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The bathroom is the room that is often the most demanding to brush up. Both in terms of money and time. But it is not always necessary to complete a complete renovation.

Affordable Bathroom Refurbishment

The owners of this bathroom were not interested in a refurbishment of the 100,000-krone class, but they wanted new, bright colors and a more personal style in the bathroom. The shabby chic style fell in taste with both.

The starting point was a tiny, dark and dark bathroom on barely three square feet of burgundy walls and ceilings. In the front of the bathroom there was a small toilet with built-in closet. The housewife window over the bath with a frame in a dark stain, closed all the light outside and built up about the dim atmosphere of the room.

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Waterproof walls with paint

The first step was to paint the bathroom in brighter colors. Several paint manufacturers offer different wet room systems consisting of a special primer, wallpaper and paint that provide completely waterproof walls. The advantage of such treatment on the walls is that you do not have to lay the membranes and tiles, and that the bathroom can be painted as often as you want.

Here the walls were painted in a warm, sky-blue color, while the roofs, windows, and the rest of the decor were painted white.

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Silence and color with textiles

Lovely textures with flower print and lace helped to give color and whims to the bathroom. A transparent plastic shower curtain was hidden behind beautiful, pastel-colored fabrics that were tied with ribbons around the shower curtain rod. The same textile was used in the front of the built-in closet in the front.

Reasonable refurbishment of the bathroom

WATER TIGHT: Select waterproof paint in bright colors. And maybe a little bit of decoration. Photo: Mona Gundersen /

Reasonable refurbishment of the bathroom

LIGHT COLORS: Sky blue and white go again. Photo: Mona Gundersen /

The mirrors were cut out and replaced with textile and chickens, which gave a slightly old-fashioned and romantic touch. And the washing machine under the basin was hidden behind white blonde styles.

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Visually lower the ceiling

As a rule, it’s great with high ceilings, but in a small room like this bathroom, an overly high ceiling can cause the room to act like a long, narrow shaft. To fix this – without spending a lot of money on lowering the ceiling – the ceiling was fastened 30 centimeters down on the wall.

The field above was painted in the same color as the ceiling, which “pulls” the roof closer and gives a nicer and more intimate atmosphere in the room. Under the roof rack, two rows of glass mosaic tiles were attached to provide a nice frame around the room.

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