Raw design on Tjøme

Raw nature and inspiration from abroad have characterized the cabin.

Raw design on Tjøme

Raw design on Tjøme

Architect-designed cottage on Hvasser. Architect: Marianne Borge. Photo: Ivan Brodey

Raw design on Tjøme

This is a room

Raw design on Tjøme

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Raw design on Tjøme

This house can be extracted

Raw design on Tjøme

Architecture for dummies

The cabin owners are a family of five.

They were well acquainted with the area after vacationing on Hvasser for many years, and therefore had good knowledge of weather and wind conditions.

It was important to create a patio screened against the repetitive hard wind of the area.

The family wanted something innovative and we thought it was a positive challenge, says architect Marianne Borge in MBKS architects.

– It’s a challenge to draw something in such a raw nature, with great rock formations, tells the architect to click. no.

They laid the building body at an angle. Thus, the living room with swimming pool is screened both by mountains and hut walls.

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Raw Materials

The 120 square-foot cabin is dressed with oak inside and the floor is made of concrete.

Exterior has been used as malmfuru, which can stand untreated and gray over the years.

This is how the exterior of the building also works well with the mountains surrounding the cottage.

Inspiration from abroad

The cabin reminds little of what is common to see along the Norwegian coast.

– We have had study trips to Japan and California, and of course we are inspired, says Borge.

The sliding doors in the cabin facing the backyard remind you of architecture in Japan, where it’s very common, says Borge.

Although the weather in Norway is not comparable to, for example, sunny California, there are functions and ideas that can be transferred to the Norwegian construction community.

A little California

In California, a simple and rational architecture of the 1950s and 60’s reveals the architect’s ability to tell, and the openness and freedom conveyed in many projects there, Borge wanted to take along in the cabin at Hvasser.

The boundaries between and outside are wiped out.

The cottage is used very actively, and big and small appreciate the flexible solutions in the building.

The pool also has clear inspiration sources from the Sun Coast in the United States.

Here the architect has succeeded in taking it a little unoriginal, as a swimming pool is, into Norwegian nature, and the contrast between the raw mountain and the simple pool works well.

Raw design on Tjøme

The cabin is 120 square meters. Photo: MBKS

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