Raw design hotel in rugged Western countryside

All rooms at Juvet Hotel are shaped by the plot.

Raw design hotel in rugged Western countryside

Raw design hotel in rugged Western countryside

The new armchairs

Raw design hotel in rugged Western countryside

Price difference: $ 25,000

Raw design hotel in rugged Western countryside

Here’s how to get the booty to hang

At first glance, it looks like little cabins.

The hotel rooms in Juvet landskapshotell have not been assembled in one building, but spread throughout the terrain of Alstad in Norddal municipality, on the Ã…lesund – Ã…ndalsnes road.

Here the hotel guests get dramatically close to the rugged Western countryside and a taste of what ultramodern architecture has to offer.

Exciting Solutions

The buildings are on thin columns, almost like old stable cages, and all rooms are shaped by the plot they stand on, completely without the view of other houses.

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The interior is minimalist, including the “Tok” chair, signed the design group Norway Says.

On-site news is a private spa. With huge windows, it also has a panoramic view of the lush river.

International Review

When the hotel’s facilities have been tested and the hikes have been completed, the architects can go out to one of the National Tourist Board’s well-reputed tourist road projects, Gudbrandsjuvet.

Here is a spectacular viewpoint over the gorge, by far the most visited tourist attraction between Trollstigen and Geiranger.

The Juvet Landscape Hotel is already devoted to publicity in prestigious publications such as The Times and Wallpaper.

Raw design hotel in rugged Western countryside

EGEN PERLE: The super modern building The garden is located right by the traditional, old farm Burtigarden. Photo: Jensen&Skodvin

Full opening to spring

Behind the hotel are the award-winning Oslo architects Jensen&Skodvin and the landowner of Burtigarden, Kurt Slinning.

The hotel, which is fully open until spring 2010, focuses a lot on adventure holidays and closed companies.

But the owner Knut Slinning tells that in periods to summer it will be possible to come in and stay overnight. Information about this will be posted on the hotel’s website.

The room rate including breakfast will then be $ 2500 a day for two people and NOK 1500 for the following day, says Slinning.

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The hotel is located in Burtigard, in Norddal municipality.

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