Råsterk test wins with short charging time

This is a driller you can almost join your pocket, while having enough work for small and medium-sized jobs.

Råsterk test wins with short charging time

Collecting the dusting dust

Råsterk test wins with short charging time

The smartest accessory to circular history

Råsterk test wins with short charging time

Here are 10 tools you must have

We have previously tested cheap jigsaws and brushes. Now the trip has come to compact dreams.

– This is a type of machine that we have not used before, but we must admit that the test winner will be difficult to deliver back, say the tests of these drills.

You’re sure to get up to size to get started with the big screw jobs, but as an alternative to a major drill in the hobby class, these machines can be smart.

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Drill Relatives

We have tested five machines in the professional segment. Prices are between 1800 and 2500 kroner. All with Lithium-ion batteries.

AEG and Milwaukee have the same owners and much in common, including both 12 volts. Bosch and Makita are both 10.8 volts. They are easy to compare when you stand in the store, but divide teams when it comes to achievements. Hitachi is outsiders, 10, 8 volts it too, but with a traditional design.

Criteria in the drill test

We have put the most emphasis on the user experience. Important criteria here are external goals, service and building quality.

We have also evaluated the machine’s performance, where service life, torque and charging time are important criteria.

Electricians tested the user experience

To test the user experience, we borrowed the drills of Lars Woldsund and Gaute Riise Skallerud. Both are electricians at Fixel. They’ve been using the drills for two months. These are craftsmen who drill and turn a lot, and preferably in tight places.

Drilleres achievements

We have tested the usage time by turning 6 x 60 wood screws.

Moment has been tested with large hardwood screws, plus we have reviewed the feedback from craftsmen.

We have tested the charging time by measuring it against the time specified by the manufacturer. Here we found no major deviations.

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