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Put this trick before?

Save more power.

Put this trick before?

Although the current prices are low, there is no need to waste. Chances are very big because you pay more than needed for the power already.

Alexander Haraldsen is Managing Director of Consumer Choice, which is behind the Power Selection service. no.

– It will still be unreasonable to leave all the furnaces full steam and shower for hours. Power is not free. If your consumption increases because the power is cheaper, it will go up, “he says.

Can save large amounts

He says that you can save even more money from switching electricity.

– Buyers purchase electricity at a fair price, largely, and it’s the charges they put on that determine the price towards consumers. Many believe that there are cheap and expensive suppliers, but the case is that there are large variations in the agreements within each supplier, explains Haraldsen.

Power choice. No is based on prices that suppliers are required to inform the Competition Authority. But the companies do not put out all their deals here, so you can find even greater variations if you check each supplier.

A slight change, such as accepting an agreement giro or e-invoice, can save you thousands more a year.

– These price differences exist no matter where low power prices fall. Now that the electricity price is low, it will be a nice thing for consumers, but you can save even more on changing a deal, “he says..

Below are some tips on how to easily save power:

Introduce these habits

Make it a routine to check this.

Market Manager for Enova, Anna Barnwell, says that power consumption is the result of many small and large choices.

– Start reading your power meter periodically. When you take down the consumption, you get an overview of when you use energy, and it can make it easier to implement the right measures.

Make sure you choose the right power provider.

Make sure you look for energy labeling when you get new things to your home. The label shows the amount of power the appliance uses. A ++ is best and G is the worst.

Use energy-efficient lighting that emits the least heat and turn off lights in rooms not in use. Check if you should replace old light bulbs anywhere.

Lower the temperature

Do you feel unnecessarily hot?

Put this trick before?

GET OVERVIEW: Regular check of the power meter gives you an overview of when you use energy. Photo: Knut Fjeldstad / SCANPIX Photo: Fjeldstad, Knut

– The warming is usually the largest single item in the energy bill, according to market manager for housing in Enova, Anna Barnwell.

For example, lowering the temperature from 21 to 20 degrees reduces the energy consumption for heating by approx. 5%.

How do you heat?

The first step is to lower the temperature manually. The next thing is to use thermostatically controlled furnaces that turn themselves off when the temperature is high enough.

Enova recommends panel heaters with electronic thermostat and option for day and night thinking, if you are buying new. This can also help to make the cottage and house more climate-friendly.

But the heating does not always have to be electric. For example, if you have a stove, it is often possible to replace 5000 – 10. 000 kWh electric heat through the heating season.

Divide the house

Different rooms may have different temperatures.

– You should assess whether the entire home needs to have the same temperature, tips market manager for housing in Enova, Anna Barnwell.

Put this trick before?

ENERGY SAVING: The lowering of the indoor temperature is the biggest effect on the power bill. PHOTO: Colorbox. Photo: Illustration photo: Colorbox.com

Particularly larger houses can be divided into different temperature zones, where the warmest zones should be located centrally in the house or possibly south.

Fit seal lists

Make sure that the doors between hot and cold rooms are fitted with sealing strips and that the doors are closed.

Remember that if windows and doors are a few years old, the rubberists may have become hard. The result may be that there is a cold pull between the frame and the door or window leaf.

Therefore, go to the purchase of a few meter seals and replace the old ones.

Air correctly

A window of glow gives cold moves. This also causes floors and walls to get cold.

Add doors and windows to wide gap for full penetration. A couple of three minutes is enough to replace the indoor air.

There are also more tricks you can save thousands of flaps on.

Do you really need this?

Electrical devices are taking more and more of the power.

– Electrical appliances make everyday life easier, but they account for an increasing proportion of our power consumption. Consider the need, says market manager for housing in Enova, Anna Barnwell.

When buying a new refrigerator or TV – do you choose to use both in the future? In that case, you have increased your power consumption, instead of reducing, even though the new devices are far more efficient.

Put this trick before?

TREKKSKSKĂ„R: To check if there is a close window and window shutter open the window, put a paper patch in the gap between the window and the frame and close the window. If you can pull the patch lightly, it is utterly between window and frame. (PHOTO: Alexander Berg jr. )

You can also review the use of the devices you already have. For example, if you drop three drums in the washing machine every week, you can save about 500 kWh in a year.

We’ve previously tested Smappee, a box that lets you monitor your powerhouse with an app.

If you have a motor heater, keep in mind that it should not last more than 2-3 hours. A switching timer or timer switches this.

If you choose to leave electrical appliances in standby, you use some power even when not in use. This unnecessary power consumption actually has a lot to say on a national basis, according to Enova.

It’s also good for the PC to turn off at night.

Power down the drain

How to check how much water your shower is using.

If not done: Isolate the hot water pipes from the cooker to the kitchen and bathroom.

Examine how much water your shower is using. This makes you easiest with a bucket and a stopwatch. Turn the shower full and take time. If you spend 30 seconds filling a 10 liter bucket, your shower will use 20 liters per minute.

You will make a switch to spare shower if your old shower uses more than 12 liters per minute, according to the marketing manager for Enova, Anna Barnwell.

Put this trick before?

URGENT: Consider how many drums you really need to take in the washing machine. PHOTO: Thinkstock Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: thinkstockphotos

A spare shower, which uses eight liters per minute, costs about $ 2.85 each time you use it. Over a year, it’s just over 1000 kroner saved with daily showering.

But remember, you do not have to shower every single day.

Please note that a tub uses about three times as much energy as a shower.

Too hot water also leads to dry skin, so you can hit two flies in a taste to limit the hot water use.

Put this trick before?

CONTROL UNNA: A long and hot shower shower is tempting on cold mornings, but it’s not good for the skin or the electricity bill. PHOTO: Thinkstock. Photo: Thinkstock.


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