Put the lid on the house

The multifaceted house in Rotterdam has been built several times, last time it was packed with a new roof.

Put the lid on the house

In the Netherlands, ideas about design and architecture develop faster than in most other countries. Here you are not afraid to think new or outside the box, resulting in many exciting and inspiring buildings.

And Villa Rotterdam, as this building is called, is no exception. This detached house had been expanded and built several times over the years and eventually as the house changed owners.

In 2003, three new rooms and some other facilities were built on the house. This time, the current owner seemed that the house had too much unused area and wanted the house’s potential to be better defined. To this he hired the innovative architects from Ooze.

The outcome of the last renovation project is a unique house that is perceived as unique, bright and holistic.

Put the lid on the house

DREAMFUL: The unique house has been built on several occasions. Photo: Jeroen Musch & Ooze

Put the lid on the house

VINKLER: Inside you will find many sticks and hooks. Photo: Jeroen Musch & Ooze

The last project at Villa Rotterdam, which originally started as a clean kitchen renovation, ended up with a new facade, new staircase, new kitchen and extra bedroom – all of which took place in the “cavity” between the old house and the new ” bald”.

– What began as a rather simple improvement in the kitchen ended up being a total redesign of the entire home, explains architect Eva Pfannes, who had the main responsibility for the project.

Set the lid on the house

Put the lid on the house

ROM IN ROOM: The architects created new spaces in the space between the original house and the new shell. Photo: Jeroen Musch & Ooze

Put the lid on the house

OPP A TRAPP: A new staircase links the same floors of the house. Photo: Jeroen Musch & Ooze

In order to tie the home, simply the architects drew a new roof, or lid, to the house, which was packed over the house’s existing collection of buildings and extensions.

The new geometric shell creates a whole new impression of the house, which now looks both more holistic and not least slides beautifully into the surroundings.

The new “layer” consists of two roofed building sections, a lower semi-circular building between which ties the two other parts together, and several small structures at the other end of the house that add the unique geometric shape.

The shell, which in some way wraps the original house, also creates greater volume inside the home, and the floor plan is now centered around an open room in the center of the house, where a new staircase connects the floors.

The materials chosen by the architects also make it possible to keep outer walls and roofs relatively thin, and only by varying the thickness of the same material can it work as a wall, ceiling or even staircases.

In this way, it has been made that the differences between floors, walls and ceilings are wiped out and the entire housing appears as a whole.

Put the lid on the house

BIKUBE: The outside of the house reminds me of a big beehive. Photo: Jeroen Musch & Ooze

Put the lid on the house

PACKAGE: The new “” lid “” wrapped in the old house. Photo: Jeroen Musch & Ooze

The prefabricated panels used made the house to have its distinctive shape and was also very fast to assemble.

-The new shell of the house arrived about like a building set, explains Pfannes.

– It was just putting together as we had already designed it.

Thinking New When Working With Old

The architect of Ooze explains the idea behind the structure:

– Inside, the building manifests itself through a fairly formal and tight expression based on prefabricated solid wood triangles that refer directly to the old roof. Folders and facets were made on the background that they would add something to the inside of the building. The shell on the outside becomes like a structure that sits like a hat on top of the existing building. This house sets a new precedent in working with an already existing structure.

Put the lid on the house

GREAT JOB: What started as a refurbishment of the kitchen ended up as a total renovation of the property. Photo: Jeroen Musch & Ooze

Put the lid on the house

In the night: The house is really right at night when light is on the inside. Photo: Jeroen Musch & Ooze

The building has green ceilings and is clad in wooden panels made of a fast-growing wood treated to make it more weather-resistant than tropical woods.

Accoya tree used in the plates The house’s new layer is built of is both sustainable and environmentally friendly, telling the house’s creators.

Sources: De Zeen, Freshome

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Put the lid on the house

REMEMBER: It was a wish that the house would fit into the surroundings. Photo: Jeroen Musch & Ooze

Put the lid on the house

Unique: From the air you can see better how the new building works like a lid on the house. Photo: Jeroen Musch & Ooze

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Put the lid on the house

THIRD OVER: Such “” threw “” the architects “” the lid “” on the house.

Put the lid on the house

BACKGROUND: Large glass surfaces wipe out the distinction between inside and outside. Photo: Jeroen Musch & Ooze


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