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Prun the roses whenever you want

Most roses can be pruned throughout the growing season.

Prun the roses whenever you want

Prun the roses whenever you want

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Many people are afraid to cut their roses, but the most important thing is to cut, says editor of Norsk Roseforening, Kari Bentzen, to

According to rose expert Rein Lae Solberg, the pruning period for roses from late winter goes well in spring, depending on what roses you have.

– The hardy could be pruned already in February-March, while they are a bit more fragile with pruning period in April-May. But mostly roses can be cropped throughout the growing season, he says.

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Cut or leave

You do not have to wait until next season, if you were out late this year.

Nevertheless, if you decide to wait next year, it will not be a problem for the praise. The bush or bushes will only be bigger than usual.

However, you may find that the bushes in the growing season become so large that some branches rest against the ground. These can only be removed if you wish.

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Deferred flowering

If you choose to cut now, it will only mean that the bloom will be postponed for a few weeks.

In an article on the Jyllands Posten website, it is said that you can expect flowering two to three weeks after the usual time.

However, there is no danger that bloom will disappear because roses generally flourish throughout the growing season.

“Summer cutting stimulates roses to reblend (reassign)”, it is stated in the Roseblad’s “ABC for Rose Growers”.

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Pruning creates growth

According to Lae Solberg, all pruning will stimulate growth.

– Everything that is dead and old and has a yellow or brown color should be cut away, he expands.

“Pruning causes the rose bush to get a good shape by emitting light and air everywhere and helping to keep fungi and diseases away,” says the Roseblad’s ABC.

The crop should always be done with a sharp scissor that does not leave tiled edges.

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