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Protect the house against the cold

With simple measures you can prevent frost damage to the home.

Protect the house against the cold

Protect the house against the cold

Except for high power billing

Protect the house against the cold

Not good to sleep with open window

Protect the house against the cold

Fires right in the pipes

Protect the house against the cold

You can save thousands

Winter last year was especially cold and many homeowners experienced problems. Now the meteorologists announce a new cold period. Januarkulde in November, they call it.

One of the most vulnerable things in a house is the water pipes.

There are two things to note, emphasizes SINTEFS Water Damage Office, Lars-Erik Fiskum, to

– There must be no cold draft on pipes that are open in, for example, a basement room, and if you know that water pipes are located in the outside wall, it is important to have sufficient heat in the room adjacent to the pipes.

He says that if the tube is in the middle of an outer wall and it’s minus twenty degrees outside, be aware of the temperature in the adjacent room.

– For example, if there are only ten degrees in this, there may be a risk that the tube is on the minus side and then freezes it fast.

– Do not overload the electrical system

The cold also comes with the need to screw the furnaces, but it also means that the load on the electrical system increases.

– You should be careful about overloading the electrical system because you can get hotspot in wires and connectors and risk of fire development, “says head of electrical safety at NELFO, Bjørn Sørensen, to

The challenge may be particularly high in homes with older facilities, which include scrambling.

– A 10 Ample fuse can withstand a current of up to 20 A, which means that the wires are charged at around 4600 watts, which is far beyond their intended purpose, “explains Sørensen.

Check the contacts

The council from Sørensen to find out if the electrical system is at break point is to check electrical outlets and other connections. You should also check the fuse cabinet on a regular basis and know if it is extraordinarily hot around the fuses.

– Old fan heaters can be dangerous

Sørensen is also keen to note the panel ovens around the house and check that they are not covered or that furniture is close to them.

– And when it comes to free standing heaters, these should generally ONLY be used when present. In particular, old blast furnaces are dangerous because they are not equipped with fuses that break the power if the oven is over.

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