Probably the ultimate living space

This design apartment is only 23 square meters, but concealment solutions provide room for both bedrooms, bathrooms, wardrobes and offices.

Probably the ultimate living space

Probably the ultimate living space

COMPACT LIVING: The apartment is designed for compact living principles, where all space is well utilized and some items have more features. Photo: Producer

Probably the ultimate living space

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Probably the ultimate living space

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Probably the ultimate living space

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Probably the ultimate living space

How to put in small space

Is it possible to squeeze in a bathroom, bedroom, office and wardrobe of 23 square meters?

The answer is yes. At least for designer Paul Coudamy.

He has designed a multifunctional and practical apartment for compact living princesses, for a customer in Paris. The design is based on a study of porosity in a room.

Refund Claims

– All projects come with different wishes, requirements and financial restrictions from the customer, says designer Paul Coudamy in an email to click. no.

Of the space he had at his disposal, the customer wanted a wardrobe, a place to work, a comfortable bed and a nice bath. .

The solution became a space-saving, modern and smart apartment that responds to all the wishes of the resident.

Probably the ultimate living space

SOVEPLASS: The cozy sleeping area can be both open and closed as needed. Photo: Producer

Closed Sleep

The core of the apartment and the structure is an L-shaped bookcase that offers different settings and the ability to customize the room according to the residents’ mood and needs.

Bookshelf is a mobile block that controls the opening of the bed, wardrobe and workplace.

– The mobile system offers the resident a closed and sheltered sleep like in a cocoon without closing the room completely, explains Coudamy.


Probably the ultimate living space

Smart apartment with compact living elements, designed by Paul Coudamy Photo: Producer

A red wall in high gloss reinforces the graphic dimension of the room, while the contrast to the matte white walls reveals the boundaries.

A two-way mirror controls the visible and invisible rooms after the sunlight.

Optional Intimacy

The bathroom is covered with impregnated concrete and the toilet is hidden behind a designated vintage cabinet door. With the help of a two-way mirror over the sink, one can decide the degree of intimacy between the bath and the rest of the room.

Probably the ultimate living space

Photo: Producer

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Probably the ultimate living space

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