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Price fall on Swedish cottage pearls

Red numbers for red cabins.

Price fall on Swedish cottage pearls

The average house prices in Sweden have fallen by 2 per cent in the last twelve-month period, according to figures recently released by the Swedish Society of Public Works..

The statistics are based on sales of 4952 cabins between April 2011 and March 2012.

The average price for a holiday home in Sweden is now 1.3 million Swedish kronor .

Along the coastline, the price trend in vacation homes is negative.

In Västra Götaland County, where there is also Strømstad and Tanum municipality, prices have fallen by 2 per cent in the last twelve-month period.

Analysis manager Claudia Wörmann in the Swedish Real Estate Association tells Hytteliv that it is now a buyer’s market in Sweden.

– Prices have gone down and there is very much for sale. It also takes a little longer to sell, she says.

In addition to the general downturn, the Norwegian krone has strengthened against the Swedish. That means good “discounts” at the moment.

Many Norwegians

There are no other foreigners who have bought more cabins in Sweden in recent years than Norwegians, according to a report prepared by the Swedish Statistical Central Bureau (SCB)..

Norwegian owners represent the largest increase in foreign ownership of Swedish cabins. Last year there were 608 more cabins, representing an increase of 7.0 per cent from the previous year and 34.7 per cent compared with 2007.

Leif Fourong, leader of the Swedish Fortress Relay in Strømstad and Grebbestad, says that 80 per cent of all the cabins he sells go to Norwegians.

According to the broker, many cottages are now available for sale. In his district there are about 30 percent more cabins this year compared to last year.

The majority of the cabins on the west coast also have a starting price of between 1 and 2 million Swedish kroner. But it’s a big spread with some really exclusive cabins that cost over ten million.

Record-Free Holiday Home

Price fall on Swedish cottage pearls

FOR SALE: In Grebbestad this classic Swedish red cottage is for sale. Price benefit 725,000 Swedish kroner. Photo: SvensFast

In addition, April 2012 looks like to beat all records regarding the number of cabins for sale in Sweden, figures from Hemnet, the country’s largest home search website.

Price fall on Swedish cottage pearls

Here you will find the cottage-freak

The largest increase is registered in Tanum (neighboring municipality of Strømstad). Last April, there were 45 objects out for sale, against 74 objects today.

Other places like Sotenäs, Kungälv and Lysekil had the largest selection of holiday homes since April 2008. A comparison with last year shows that the increase for all municipalities is 63 per cent.

Taxable gain

Should you buy or sell vacation homes abroad, you should contact the tax office for information on tax liability in Norway.

Price fall on Swedish cottage pearls

FOR SALE: In Lur in Tanum municipality, this holiday home is for sale. Price estimate 1 400 000 Swedish kroner Photo: SvensFast

The taxable profit is calculated according to Swedish rules in Sweden and Norwegian rules in Norway, thus the amount that is taxable in Sweden and Norway will be different.

Price fall on Swedish cottage pearls

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Read more about tax rules on the Swedish Tax Agency’s website here.

Loss on the sale of real estate abroad is only deductible in Norway in cases where any gain would be taxable here.

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Price fall on Swedish cottage pearls

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Price fall on Swedish cottage pearls

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Price fall on Swedish cottage pearls

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