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Price difference: 44.9 million

Price difference: NOK 44.9 million.

Price difference: 44.9 million

Price difference: 44.9 million

COUNTRY’S ANYTHING: This is the country’s most expensive property, currently available for sale (July 2010). Photo: Screenshot: Find.com

Price difference: 44.9 million

Would you pay 30. 000 for this hay?

Price difference: 44.9 million

Check the price difference

Price difference: 44.9 million

One is 17. 000 kroner more expensive

Price difference: 44.9 million

Be honest when you sell

44,925,000 and 2327,5 kilometers distinguishes the country’s most expensive and most affordable accommodation.

Click. No has been in search of Finn. no and found out the most expensive and affordable home that is currently for sale. One is located on Aker Brygge, the other in Gamvik.

– This is simply a jewelery! tells an enthusiastic real estate agent Miguel Sørholt to click. no.

His brokerage retailer, Privatmegeren, has for sale a so-called penthousevilla at Aker brygge. 45 million is a pricelist for Sørholt’s jewelery and is the country’s most expensive accommodation at the moment.

Less than 2300 kilometers away is the cheapest accommodation; a house for 75,000 kroner.

– This house has been uninhabited for seven years and needs total renovation, Bodil Sakslund describes the click. no.

She represents the seller Henry Yoo.

Villa at the top

Sørholt explains that they call it a penthousevilla because it lies on the top as a villa, without relatives and with two lifts straight up.

The apartment is called the Flygel apartment because it resembles the instrument. It is architect Niels Torp, who has been involved in drawing the Aker brygge complex, which has given the apartment its name.

Seller is the former soft porn king Sten Ture Jensen, now real estate investor in Thailand.

“I have my business in Norway and Thailand. I have made Thailand my main base and do not need an apartment like this the few days I am in Norway every year, “he says to E24. no.

Maritime Interior

The Penthouse villa at Aker Brygge has a full view of the Oslo Fjord and towards the Festningskaien, and the maritime panorama has also characterized the interior of the apartment.

– The interior of the apartment was designed by Bjørn Storbraaten, who was also the architect of the luxury boat The World, explains Sørholt, and adds that the current owner has completed a total renovation of the apartment and removed nearly 100 container containers with discarded building materials.

Sloping floor

To emphasize the apartment’s maritime connections, the floor in the hall is built slightly sloping.

In this way, one gets the impression of being in a boat pushing the waves, Sørholt describes.

Own Website

– The only thing that’s free is the scarecrows, joins Sørholt, and thinks all that one has to pay for suits a well-established businessman.

– Since the current owner lives abroad and uses the apartment very little, it is therefore available more or less immediately, and most of the decor is also included with.

To emphasize the exclusivity of the apartment, a separate website has been created with a digital presentation brochure.

Total Dressing

Price difference: 44.9 million

COUNTRY RIMEST: This is the country’s most affordable one currently available for sale (July 2010) Photo: Screenshot: Finn.com

Free scams are also included in the purchase in Gamvik, but not all else costs more than NOK 75,000 in addition.

Then you get three rooms and kitchen spread over over 60 square meters, and a property of almost one goal.

– The house needs total renovation, explains case slogan.

Uninhabited for seven years

Gamvik is perhaps first and foremost familiar with the tragic Mehamn accident, where one of Widerøe’s Twin Otters crashed into the ocean right outside the town and all the 15 aboard died.

– The house has been uninhabited for seven years, explains Sakslund.

The seller Henry Yoo is originally from South Korea and operates, among other things, with seafood production in Skjervøy.

Without power and water

But because the house has been uninhabited for so many years, both power and water are disconnected.

Otherwise, it is sparse with information in the sales task, except that there are both views, fishing opportunities and hiking terrain available.

Europe’s northernmost municipality

In many ways, an exclusive house is for sale because it is located in Europe’s northernmost mainland municipality. Gamvik municipality is located on the northern part of the northern hemisphere, and if you choose to settle there, there will be a jubilee in the municipality. This is the talk of a relocation commune.

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