Pressed the house into three meters

Smart decor in the narrow house.

There are rifts about the sites in big cities. The big urban growth in metropolitan areas will meet with good and creative architecture, and often the solution is so-called infill projects.

In the city center of Ghent, Belgium, according to the design and architectural site Arch Daily, architects from the local company Dierendonck Blancke Architecten were given the opportunity to draw a home for a customer who had long been looking for a plot where he could build his new home.

Budget should be respected and the house should be done as functionally as possible – despite the fact that the plot offered some challenges to the architects.

The house was completed in 2010, and reultatet is a smart and functional home in excess of 100 square meters.

Pressed the house into three meters

Urbanization: Exciting contrast between new and old buildings in the Belgian city. Photo: Filip Dujardin

Bought Two Houses

In pursuit of a suitable site to build on, the client, in consultation with the architects, concluded that the smartest thing in this situation was to buy two houses next to each other. Something that initially made the client’s budget come in far beyond what was initially taken into account.

– By purchasing the two adjacent houses we were given the opportunity to define the building site in a completely different way, explains architect Alexander Dierendonck to Bonytt. no.

– Now we could build a house on one of the sites, and the client lived in the other house while the work on the new house was going on.

When his new home was completed in 2010, the homeowner could now sell the neighboring house he had lived in while waiting for architects and builders to finish.


The land in the city of Ghent to which the house was to be built was anything but simple.

The house should not be so big, but on a long and narrow plot the construction still bore some challenges, explains the architect.

The architect reveals that in order to utilize the narrow plot fully, a house with three full floors.

– We had to look at the house as a series of three unique elements, explains Dierendonck.

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– The first two parts of the house consist of three levels, which are connected to each other by means of a staircase located in the middle of the house.

The staircase is a key element of the dwelling, making the flow and space feeling in the house proceeding from one level to the next.

Utilized light from above

The narrow urban area is sandwiched between other buildings, and the danger of such homes is that they may seem dark. In this case, the architects solved the problem of installing a large skylight window that allows the light to flow into the dwelling, down the stairs and spreading through the different levels and levels.

Create layer

The house’s entrance is located in a part of the house that has a rather low ceiling. This part is used mainly as a kind of hallway or vestibule.

Pressed the house into three meters

BAKSIDEN: The house is only barely 3 meters in width. Photo: Filip Dujardin

– Here, some storage solutions have been built into what is effective as a sort of transitional space between the street outside and the living room inside the home, explains the architect of the Homedesign website..

Pressed the house into three meters

The plan solution is absolutely brilliant

The dining room and kitchen are located in another part of the house, where the roof height is significantly higher. Here you also have an overview of the small home office located at the level above and the entrance hall.

The living room is located in an extended section of the kitchen and dining area, so that all rooms are largely open to each other, which means that the relatively compact house feels airy and larger than it actually is.

– Even more light emits into the use zones because another skylight window, identical to that located over the staircase, is inserted into the ceiling directly above the living room, explains architect Dierendonck.

Shared stairs

Pressed the house into three meters

DAY LIST: Large skylight windows fill this house with light. Photo: Filip Dujardin

The home office is located above the stairs, and directly above it again, the bathroom. Two bedrooms are located over the dining room, and the special staircase is utilized maximum in relation to the house levels.

Pressed the house into three meters

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Inserted Messanines

Architects from Dierendonck Blancke Architecten designed the house as high as the local city planning office allowed them to.

– By building at this height we were given the opportunity to install messanine levels in the upper bedroom.

– In this way we utilized the floor area of ​​the house to the absolute maximum, explains the architect.

Pressed the house into three meters

ALLROM: The rooms on the first floor flow together. Photo: Filip Dujardin

The architect explains that in the midst of the building, the client decided that he would build a garden shed, a kind of little cottage in the garden.

Pressed the house into three meters

How to use the roof height

– This became the fourth and last item to be in place, explains Dierendonck.


As this house – and the plot it is located – is located in a part of the city protected by the local urban heritage, architects received a lot of consideration in relation to building plants and solutions.

– There were many regulations to deal with with this new building, explains the architect to Bonytt. no.

After a few rounds and a consultation with a agency specializing in urban design, we finally agreed to lay a cupboard – parallel to the street level.

This, explains the architect, is what is the common solution on rooftops in this part of the city.

Pressed the house into three meters

MESSANIN LEVELS: To exploit the ground floor of the house, the architects designed more messanine levels. Photo: Filip Dujardin

Pressed the house into three meters

MURSTEIN: Inside you have retained a lot of the raw brick on the wall. Photo: Filip Dujardin

Use of similar materials

Pressed the house into three meters

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According to a statement to the design and architecture site Arch Daily, the architects have tried to think about all four parts of the house as they plan the interior and the interior solutions.

– The structure itself is thought to be quite self explanatory, architect Dierendonck reveals..

– The house consists of two long walls, where painted walls create a small sense of industry and roughness.

Inside the accommodation, rooms are separated from each other by means of walls made up of large concrete blocks.

– One of the things that makes this home quite unique is that there is a very small transition between inside and out – at least in the form of materials used, the architect concludes..

Pressed the house into three meters

The stairs: The staircase in the middle of the dwelling connects floors and messanine levels with each other. Photo: Filip Dujardin

Pressed the house into three meters

GUESTS: On the second floor, the bedrooms are located. Photo: Filip Dujardin

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Pressed the house into three meters

SUPER MODEL: High and thin, this house is the architecture’s response to a supermodel. Photo: Filip Dujardin

Pressed the house into three meters

HOW TO DO THEM: Check the solutions in the narrow house. Photo: Illustration: Dierendonck Blancke Architects

Pressed the house into three meters

IN THE HIGH: On the narrow plot, one had to use every milimeter – even upwards. Photo: Illustration: Dierendonck Blancke Architects


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