Press the price when you brush the bathroom

Get the best tips from the experts on what to think about before taking the bath.

Press the price when you brush the bathroom

Cleaning a bath can both be expensive and require a lot of time. In addition, it is quickly made that the bathroom bins stand in line on the way to the dream bath.

Therefore, we have collected some smart bathing tips for you here. In addition, we have made an estimate of what a small bathroom can cost you.

CEO Bjørn Knutsen in Malermester Knut Th. Knutsen has extensive experience in rehabilitating baths and knows what is needed for the process to go as smeared. Here is his professional advice for you to clean the bathroom.

Start with the finish

First and foremost: Find out how you want the bathroom to be. Take a look at the decor and tiles.

The more detailed you specify the bathroom, the lower the final amount may be.

This is a job that craftsmen usually pay well for. And the goal for most is just to shrink the craftsman’s bills.

The range in stores is also better than the craftsman has in the car, and it is easier to make an opinion when you see the products ready assembled in an exhibition.

Find Professionals

Once you have found the products you want, contact a craftsman who can be responsible for the job.

Press the price when you brush the bathroom

NEW AND FRIENDLY: A shower with folding doors from Gustavsberg replaces the bath and gives more space in the bathroom. The washbasin and the mirror cabinet are from Kvik. The tiles on the wall called Chipreste Branco mate, 30 x 60 cm, and floor tiles VIV-355 Bianco Rectificato, 15 x 15 cm, from L-Flis & Interior. Photo: Frode Larsen

Most craftsmen have regular partners in the various disciplines. It is the responsible person who has the overall responsibility that all craftsmen do their job properly.

Price example: 4 square meter bath

A total renovation of a bathroom will cost from NOK 150 000 and upwards, Bjørn Knutsen estimates.

Recently he refurbished a 4 sqm bath at Frogner.

It came to 165,000 kroner. Here is the math:

  • Digger, $ 10,000
  • Carpenter incl. furniture, $ 16,000
  • Electrical worker incl. lighting, kr 22 500
  • Plumbers incl. sanitary ware, NOK 62,000
  • Membrane Layout, $ 5000
  • Tiling, $ 16,000
  • Tiles and miscellaneous, kr 22,000
  • Painting, $ 5000
  • Laundry Agency, $ 1500
  • Container, $ 5000

Total: $ 165,000

Use the word of mouth

The quest for the right craftsman can be anything but simple. To find a skilled craftsman, it may be smart to resort to the word of mouth. You are stumbling across the building industry quickly.

Simply talk to others, and choose the company you get a good impression of. You can also call an industry association to ask for companies that may be relevant.

Nevertheless, you should always make sure to use people who have certificate letters and wet room certificates.

Contact more

You should always collect at least two, preferably three, prizes. In addition, require the craftsman to be in possession so that you can specify location and equipment requirements. Then you will get the most correct price.

When you receive the bid, make sure that the description is as accurate as possible.

The offer should be specified with membrane, wall, electrician, plumber, paint and joiner, in addition to a total price.

Here you may want to think that not only is the lowest price you should pay attention to.

Get discounts

Press the price when you brush the bathroom

CONTROL UNNA: Do not touch the electrical and hydraulic equipment. Photo: Bjørn Knutsen

Press the price when you brush the bathroom

LIGHT UNNA: Lie away from the membranes. If you lose out here, neither warranty nor insurance applies. Photo: Private

It may actually be possible to get the craftsman’s discounts on the equipment, or at least part of it. Ask yourself a little about this.

Enter contract

You should always make a contract. Standard Norway has drawn up user contracts covering all necessary items.

The contract, building form NS 3504 or NS 3502, depending on the amount, can be downloaded for free online.

Then you should schedule startup and completion time.

Most bathrooms can be built in 3-4 weeks.

Keep deadlines

In Standard Norway’s building form, you can claim a day-to-day amount per calendar day corresponding to two per cent of the total.

In the bathroom we refurbished at Frogner, it would amount to 320 kroner per. day.

This amount can be increased by adding an addendum to the contract. You can actually claim up to 2000 kroner per. day.

Own efforts? Be sure!

There are some things you should stay in the bathroom. Do not touch the electrical and hydraulic plant.

You should not add the membrane yourself. Then you are responsible for any water damage.

The insurance does not cover jobs that are not properly executed or where unsustainable products are used. Many entrepreneurs will also be in favor of projects where homeowners will perform parts themselves – then they are responsible for any errors.

Five Year Warranty

Also, according to the Act on Handicraft Services, you always have a 5 year warranty. It can really be worth remembering, because things are not always going as one had thought.

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