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Prefab? Yes please!

After sleepless nights and frustrations in buckets and buckles, Trude and Marius finally got the dream house. We followed them through the construction process.

Prefab? Yes please!

Dreamhouse from A to Z

– I thought I was detail-free, but I realize now that I’m not at all. It’s incredible how much we have to deal with, things I’ve never thought of, like where the sockets should be, the color of the window fittings and gutters. Everything must be determined in advance, says Trude Roth Christensen and draws the jacket closer.

It’s gray November, and thick fog blocks for what’s going to be the sea view from the house of Trude, the man Marius and the kids Aurora, Filip and Viktor. In a few days, the first spades will be put. It is strange to think that there will be a finished house here if only – hopefully – four months.

Possibilities of opportunity

When Trude and Marius decided to move, the choice was between building new or buying an old house and cleaning up. They had already been through a round of renovation of old houses, and had reason enough enough of raw cellars and cold floors.

They found dream space and started. Trude and Marius took the round to several architects, but concluded that it became too expensive. As a result, they had to start searching among the finishers. They found far more opportunities than they had expected.

– We had many requirements to be met. We have three young children and plans to live in this house until the children move out. The house had to be practical, it had to have four bedrooms and a working room, open solution between living room and kitchen, large windows facing the sea and breakfast area outside. And suddenly only the house appeared to us online, Trude says.

She was basically skeptical about the mood, but doubt doubted as their own house took shape. The possibilities were many. Many more than they had imagined.

“We were free to change much in terms of materials and layout, and I have to admit that we were surprised at the quality of standard solutions,” says Marius..

Marius and Trude only used the internet for information and found everything they needed. The mailbox was filled with house catalogs. The choice finally landed on a house from Swedish Trivselhus.

– We have a budget of four million. If we were to use an architect, we would have to get up to six million for a corresponding house. We do not have the opportunity, tells the couple, who from the beginning realized that when it comes to house construction, just patience.

– We have taken the control a little, calling every day and kidding to get things done in relation to both the municipality and different suppliers. It may have been that, at least, we are quite well on track, said Marius.

But it was before the first shot was taken.

Nothing is impossible

It would turn out to be half a year before the family could move in – two months late. They learned along the way that a date is not a date. That it may be worth living somewhere else to live after the original date of relocation has passed. It did not have Trude and Marius.

– We had to move in on the scheduled date. The shower was fitted the same day. I would recommend moving into the finished house, at least when you have young children. It may be an advantage that everything is done painted and listed, for example, says Trude.

The fresh house builders have experienced disagreement about contract with the developer. Electricians who did not show up when they were going to, and as when they finally showed up, could not do their job because the digger had not made everything clear. They have learned that all craftsmen rely on what the others do and that if one does not fall the cardhouse – and the schedule. They’ve learned that it’s okay to know someone that you have to mash and that nothing is impossible even if someone claims it’s. And they have learned that almost nothing goes exactly the way you thought. That garden costs a lot of money. And they discovered that they moved into the dream house itself.

– This house suits us perfectly. The rental unit helps us financially now, while it becomes a youth department in a few years. We have built a house we can live forever without having to rebuild or expand, “says Marius, who is currently busy in the role of the cabinist in the musical An-Magritt at The Norwegian Theater. The former rock musician from legendary Seigmen has become an opera singer and musical artist.

Budget talk

Once the family has lived in the house for five months, they are rich in experiences. The economy, on the other hand, has gotten such a slight break.

– The budget is blown with a million. There are no big things that suddenly have appeared, it’s just all the little things that come in afterwards.

Trusted shakes stated on the head. Hardly fails to take the numbers seriously. That’s what everyone said the budget was going to burst. But so much?

– All say it in advance, but you do not understand it until you sit there and discover that the house has cost you a million more than you thought, “says Marius..

Marius and Trude put a lot of self-effort into the building of the house, but discovered that it’s a myth that you save a lot of doing big parts of the job yourself.

– When I think of all the time spent, it may be worth paying the time to work with what you usually do and let others take care of the building. Besides, it is not always the case that private individuals get the most favorable deals on materials, “says Marius.

They have bargained and negotiated. Compared prices and tried to be reasonable. Nevertheless:

– Everything we did did cost us more than we thought it would do.

Major Changes

Environmental considerations can be expensive initially but are profitable in the long run

The budget speech has its explanations. Because despite the fact that Trude and Marius basically chose a workshop, there is little in the house that resembles the original. The facade is different, the bedroom was refurbished to accommodate a large wardrobe, the staircase between the first and second floor was moved to accommodate the long table between the kitchen and living room, the first floor was refurbished to accommodate the living area and the garage was redesigned to lease part.

In addition, Trude and Marius have chosen variants other than standard solutions. There was a kitchen from Invita, Italian tiles in the bathroom, two-spoke oak parlor and oak doors.

– It is cheaper to choose the standard solutions, but it was important for us to think long-term. It’s going to be a lot of years before we’re kidding for example kitchen and bath. In addition, the warm and robust oak tree feels good in an otherwise cold and stylish interior.

Environmentally friendly house

For Trude and Marius, the environmental focus has been important and they have, as far as possible, opted for environmentally friendly alternatives in the new house.

– The oak is perennial and thus seen an environmentally friendly tree. In addition, the house has water-heating and a good ventilation system, “says Trude.

With three-layer insulation glass in the many windows, the house gets a lot of free heat from the sun while hot air does not escape.

– When taking environmental considerations, it can be expensive initially, but it’s profitable in the long run, says Marius, who has already been excited about the warm, even heat of the water pipes under the parquet.

– We have previously lived in old, dragging houses. There have been a few trips out in the evening. Now we just smile. New house is luxury.


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