Power Craft

Steer away from this one.

In short:

+ Sure no benefits

Cuts skew, extremely bad line of sight

Power Craft

Steer away from these jigsaws

There is not much positive to say about this case.

The case has an extremely bad line of sight, and the blade is skewed in relation to the case’s plant and base. A big draw is also that the screws attached to the plant are so long that they can make bad marks in the disc if the unit is not mounted.

The base was out of range and was not correct due to presets. Bad perpendicular incision. Hard to swap leaflets.

In 48mm plank: The case has major problems.

In solid bench: Unstable and bad cut.

In precious worktop: Creates a clean cut, apart from scratch from the screw. (Remember to remove the screws.)

In laminated-spon: The case is okay – except the rip it made here too.

In plywood: Provides bad cuts.

Effect: 710

Rev. pr. min: 30 – 3000

Thickness depth in three: 65

Metal Thickness: X

Cord Length: 1.8m

Store: Europris


Producer Price 199


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