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Pour the coke in the bowl and spray the vinegar into the shower

Wipe dust, remove hair, pour the coke into the shower and spray the vinegar in the shower; so the bathroom is shining clean.

Pour the coke in the bowl and spray the vinegar into the shower

We all need to clean at home, but some jobs are bigger than others. One of the rooms that many people complain about are no doubt the bathroom. Here it will not only be bad if it is not washed, but you also often have to wear stained toothpaste, hard water and soaked soap that does not get so easy.

A simple search of the “wash” and “shower” theme generates hundreds of wise tips and tips and frustrated washers carefully tested washing methods, and it can be difficult to distinguish the cliff from the wheat for washing and shower.

But fortunately, the experts have advice – that works.

As clean as in hotels

Entering a delicious luxury hotel bath where everything is shining and clean is a luxury most of us know to appreciate. The HGTV website has talked with cleaning expert Erika Jasco at the W New York Union Square design hotel, which tells how the bathrooms in the hotel are just as inviting as they are.

– What makes the big difference, without a doubt, is that the bathrooms in hotels are washed every single day, Jasco explains to the site.

– Even if the same guest lives in the room for several days.

Pour the coke in the bowl and spray the vinegar into the shower

SKRUBB: The hotel bath is washed every day. Rather often and rarely and rarely advises the experts. Photo: Colorbox

So, although it may sound a bit too much for most people to wash the bathroom every single day, maybe maybe doing something could be an idea?

Pour the coke in the bowl and spray the vinegar into the shower

The floor to the end: The last thing that should be overtaken is the floor. Photo: Colorbox

– If you wipe off the bench, the sink and the faucets, the bathroom already looks much cleaner, Jasco explains..

– And adding a habit of wiping the mirror after brushing your teeth can no doubt give the bathroom a boost. The rest depends entirely on your weekly routine.

Here are the best tips of the expert:

1. Remove dust

– If at all we receive complaints about the cleaning of the hotel, it is most likely that someone has found a hair on the tiles or on the floor of the bathroom, explains Jasco.

– So for my team, it’s a goal to make sure this never happens.

Thus removing dust and hair is one of the biggest jobs in the bathroom.

– Remember the top of mirrors and cabinets, on top of lamps and fluorescent lamps, and in every corner and hooks the expert is in charge..

2. Warm up surfaces

To heat up tiles and surfaces to a minimum of 10 degrees above normal room temperature, make alkaline cleaners twice as efficient.

– With us, the cleaning team fills the bath with as hot water as you can manage to drain the tap at all times, Jasco advises.

– Fill up until the entire bottom of the tub is covered with water and allow to sit for a few minutes so that surfaces and the inside of the vessel warm up. Also use the water to “sprinkle” up the tiles and into the shower.

Charlotte Sagvik at Citymaid Cleaning Service also states that it is absolutely essential to use very hot water when cleaning the bathroom.

– To wash both bath and shower, start by showering very warm water over the walls, doors and bottom, explains Sagvik to Bonytt. no.

Pour the coke in the bowl and spray the vinegar into the shower

Laundry detergent gets dirty on your stove

– This will not only bring hair and soap skins into the fire, but the hot water and the steam from it will also loosen much dirt from the walls, which will then be easier to wash.

3. Use spray

After passing through hot water, the trip has come to a spray.

– Drain the water out of the bathtub and spray an antibacterial cleaning spray on the tile walls, explains Jasco.

– Get up and work down. The top of the shower walls is a natural place to begin and the ending should be in the toilet bowl.

According to Special Advisor Inger Dahl at the Danish Technological Institute, this is the easiest way to spray a detergent that is lime removal and then wash it with a coarse sponge.

– If you do not do this regularly, you will eventually see a gray coating on the joints, explains Dahl to Bonytt. no.

– But be careful about the joints when using lime removal agents. Shower the joints with clean water before the lime remover is used. This is to prevent removal of the cement joints, which are lime-based.

4. Leave the cleaner to work

Here are a lot of people who bump and dry off before the spray has got the time to do their job.

– Desinfecting sprayers need contact time with the surface of it to clean for it to have a function at all, Sagvik explains..

– For cleaning sprays you should spray, let work for a few minutes and then wipe off. Only then can you be sure that bacteria are removed.

5. Scrub

Once you have sprayed on a cleaning spray, the time has elapsed with the scrub.

– Use a brush that is rough enough to remove lime and hard water residues but do not scratch the tiles, explains Jasco.

Clean with vinegar

HÃ¥kon Lindahl, Environmental Advisor in Green Everyday, is a fan of using vinegar as a cleaning agent.

– Vinegar is perfect for use as a detergent in the bathroom, Lindahl confirms Bonytt. no.

– Much of the cleaning can be done without detergents, and many are mistakenly doing a massive chemical warfare against dirt and shabby at home. It is rarely necessary.

Using vinegar rather than chemical detergents has a positive effect on both the environment and not least your health through a better and healthier indoor climate.

– Vinegar has been used for cleaning for a long time, and for no reason, explains Lindahl.

– It’s effective, natural and non-stressful to your health. Among other things, it is excellent to remove lime deposits on the shower cubicle because vinegar is acidic and lime is basic.

– Be sure to bring all the dirt and foam residues inside the bath.

Malin Skaar at Lilleborg Consumer Service agrees:

– Scrub the tiles with a special spray designed for the bathroom as this will help to dissolve lime, explains Skaar to Bonytt. no.

Another good tip is to use an old toothbrush to clean the joints.

6. Rinse off

Erika Jasco believes that rinse off walls and surfaces after cleaning is about to be the most important job when it comes to cleaning.

– The chemicals in many cleaning products often attract dust and other particles, explains the cleaning expert.

– It’s so important to rinse well when you have finished washing, otherwise dirt and dust can build up and make your work get heavier the next time you clean.

7. Dry

Use a dry clean cloth to brush over surfaces after you have finished washing.

– That way, you’ll see all places look clean, Jasco explains.

– A good tip is to use color-coded cloths, blue to mirror and glass, yellow to the toilet and for example pink to bath and shower.

8. Mirror and glass

Never reveals an unclean bathroom as quickly as mirrors and glass surfaces that have stains of soap and toothpaste.

– Carefully wash these well, Jasco advises.

– Spray plenty of glass wash and wipe off.

Pour the coke in the bowl and spray the vinegar into the shower

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9. The toilet

The worst bacterial bomb of the bathroom must be cleaned often and carefully. A widely used core wire to remove stripes and marks for hard water in the skin is to use Coca Cola. Scissors, on the other hand, recommend using a special product intended for the job.

– Pour the product into the bowl and up the edge, explains the expert.

– Leave it to work for 30 minutes before flushing. Use the brush on the hard spots and wipe over the seat and lid with a disposable cloth.

Jasco reminiscent of the outside of the toilet also needs a round of washcloth.

The sisters and pipes also look disgusting if they do not wash and do not forget the flush button in the toilet, the expert explains..

– Remember that most people rinse on the dough before they go to the sink and wash their hands, so use an antibacterial spray just on the flush button.

10. The floor finally

Of course, the bathroom floor must also be washed to make it look clean. The smartest thing you do is to hide the floor at last, Jasco advises.

– Wash yourself out of the bathroom when you’re done, explains the expert.

– The last thing you should do before you finish is to wipe dust that has gathered at your doorstep after washing over the floor.

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Pour the coke in the bowl and spray the vinegar into the shower

IMPROVING: It does not look very nice with toothpaste spots and saliva in the sink. Photo: Colorbox

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