Popping this up in the fridge, you have no time to lose

mold in a refrigerator

Popping this up in the fridge, you have no time to lose

There is nothing wrong with discovering black mold in the fridge. If you notice the mildew on the wall behind the appliance’s fixed space, an emergency need to wash the refrigerator.

Good space, proper temperature and food overview are key words for a clean and hygienic refrigerator.

Causes of mold

Although the refrigerator has not been washed as frequently as the experts recommend, it has not been dishonest in the refrigerator! So what might be the reason why the musty has settled down with onions, potatoes and carrots?

– In the refrigerator there is a lot of condensation because of the cold. This provides growth basis for mildew, especially on nutritious foods, but also on surfaces in the refrigerator, says Johan Mattsson, senior adviser and head of department in Mycoteam.

Unstable temperature

Unstable temperature in the refrigerator may cause the mold to appear. If the hot air flows through a door that is not 100 percent closed, this can contribute to the problem. Remember that all food needs to cool well before it is placed in the refrigerator.

Hot food must not enter the refrigerator, because then the temperature will rise and the other food will have shorter shelf life.

Hot meals can also provide mold in the refrigerator, according to the senior advisor.

Food that is not well-cooled can cause mold in the refrigerator, partly because it warms the fridge, but also because it can lead to more water vapor if the food is not well covered, emphasizes Johan Mattsson .

The Council is cooling the dinner breaks as quickly as possible, preferably in a cold water bath.

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Popping this up in the fridge, you have no time to lose

USE CHILDREN: Mousespray comes from condensation in the refrigerator. Photo: Maritaby Vebenstad

– Cause of mold is either old food and / or moisture for a long time. Usually, molds of old and rotten foods come, “says Malin Skar, head of Lilleborg Consumer Service.


She emphasizes that mold in the refrigerator is not good for other foods, at least not those who are not well packaged. Therefore, she encourages to throw old food, wash vegetable trays on a regular basis and pack the food well.

– You must also check that the door is closed and that the refrigerator is cold enough, says Malin Skar.

It is self-evident that it may be hazardous to eat musty foods, but it is also not advisable to breathe in the mildew in the air.

– In addition to the fact that musty food is broken and must be thrown, it is not good that it spills up spores in the air that you can breathe in when standing at the refrigerator, says Johan Mattsson.

Proper cleaning

The senior advisor recommends washing the refrigerator with a damp microfiber cloth, preferably in combination with a cleansing agent like chlorine.

According to Malin Skar in Lilleborg, it will usually be sufficient to wash the refrigerator with a good detergent and a good cloth. But in the case of mildew, she recommends she instead to wash with chlorine mixture.

– Remember to wash well with clean water eventually and dry well, encourage the laundry expert.

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